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  1. Music
    Get your new musical beats here.they are awesome.https://spoti.fi/3pCS1w9
  2. Music
    Feel free to tell me your opinian in this album. And if u like it please support it. https://aljazz.bandcamp.com/album/impact-spon-aljazz-brazillionaires
  3. Mixtapes
    I’m a DJ on UCLA Radio and I just wanted to bring attention to this show I’m doing. It’s called Broken Beat and it centers around samples of breakbeats through the decades and goes from looking at some of the most popular breaks to talking about obscure samples found in hip-hop, electrica, rock...
  4. Creative Showcase
    Post your music here for people to show love as well as give constructive criticism. Let's all EAT!
  5. News
    Hello everyone please extend your support to these amazing Independent artists. Your support means a lot to them Check out the following link Jai Capone ft Anna Torres - Than I Ever Knew (Español) Watch, Like, Comment and Subscribe.... (Independent artists are the future of music)
  6. Creative Showcase
    Hey, KTT! My name is Manny Bravo, and I am a rapper/producer who just dropped my "Pursuit of Happiness" mixtape. Please peep it whenever you get the chance! The links to my song "Broke" are listed below. Let me know what you think! Spotify: Apple...
1-9 of 9 Results