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  1. Music
    Featurle is a daily game like Wordle but about music artists. It's based on who featured who so it's very hip hop focused. At the start you are given a list albums, the artist of the day appears on at least one song on each of these albums. If you guess the collaborators more information is...
  2. Video Games
    I suck at cod, but I’d love to play with anyone that wants to just fuck around and have fun. Maybe talk about our fav Kanye songs. I don’t really care what we play, it could be any game. I have xbox
  3. Video Games
    I haven't played video games ever. In my entire life. But my therapist said they might help me tamper my adrenaline responses so I dont freak out over tiny things as much, you feel me? Anyways so far I've played RE4, undertale, and disco elysium. Much preferred disco elysium. combat is so fast...
1-3 of 3 Results