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  1. Fashion
    What's up everyone, happy saturday! We are new to the forum and just wanted to say "What's Up" and introduce ourselves. PeaceGang was founded in 2017 with an idea of being about something more than the latest trend or materialism. I simply had a dream and woke up with the name and tag line and...
  2. Creative Showcase
    I just dropped an album myself called Until Next Time [hiphop/rnb] - Would be interested to hear what you guys are putting out, and exchange feedback! Let's pump some life into this community again!
  3. Creative Showcase
    Hey guys! So I submitted my latest r&b track to Anthony Fantano's twitch stream, and it was selected by the mod for him to listen to. He ended up enjoying it more than I thought and so I figured I would share it here... It's a bit of a slow jam and quite personal, might not be everyone's cup of...
  4. Creative Showcase
    Post your music here for people to show love as well as give constructive criticism. Let's all EAT!
  5. Music
    Hi, I make space and sample-based beats and I have released my 3rd beat tape on soundcloud and I'm looking for rappers to rap on other beats. Please send me feedback on what you think about it. Checkout my music on other platforms on my signature ⬇ Link here
1-6 of 6 Results