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  1. Mixtapes
    Track 1. High Trip Track 2. Summer High
  2. Music
    tryna come out with this album and need sim one to feature, also up for a music group. lemme know, @ triplefourwest, on instagram. eye also put a song that is in the works on my instagram, i’ll mostly reply over there, it unmixed and not edited, looking to make all sorts of music .
  3. Creative Showcase
    They call me Alex Lane, I'm a experimental pop singer/songwriter, producer, and visual artist from Detroit MI and just formed this "collective" called Killing Modern and am just looking for interesting artists to work with.
  4. Music
    SONG WITH MYSELF AND THATCHER ROBINSON. PRODUCED AND MIXED BY ME. I'd really appreciate feedback positive or negative.
  5. Mixtapes
    hey KTT long term lurker first time poster. asian 18yo from Australia, i produce a lot and recently started recording. seriously inspired by trav and kanye. i try to produce my own tracks because i can't find the sound i want on youtube, really appreciate anyone who took the time to check three...
1-6 of 6 Results