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  1. Creative Showcase
    Hi, I’m a rapper and producer looking to start an industrial/experimental hiphop group with passionate artists over 18 in Toronto who are serious and want to start something big together. You could be an artists of any kind; rapper, singer, graphic designer, videographer, painter etc. I’m in...
  2. Creative Showcase
    yo trying to find people who want to blow up on some dark, emo shit. U can make music any genre do art anything I make music down to collab got a subreddit we can change the name https://www.reddit.com/r/Kzzz/ or can talk here. hmu
  3. Music
    Ik brockhampton already did this, but me and my homies been spamming discords with beats to see if people could hop on to no avail. just slide ur SoundCloud or something if ur tryna join. also no homophobes or racists, good vibes only. also no grown ass mfs lmao. we young
  4. Writing
    Obviously pulling a Brockhampton but, hey, it's not illegal to shoot my shot this way :) I'm looking to form a "collective", for lack of a better word, around people with similar art taste. I'm into big, intellectual, transcendental, intense, abstract shit like The Incal, MBDTF, King Crimson...
  5. Tyler, The Creator
    Hellooooo to all my fellow creatives, I’m here to inform you on a little group that I’m starting that you might be interested in getting in on if your wishing to collaborate with other rappers, producers, singers etc. Eventually we’ll become a collective group that’ll be similar to what odd...
  6. Music
    I'm looking to start a collective of content creators, music blogging, animation, videos. I'd really like to do this! This will be self-funded so the collective can generate money for itself while engaging with music! I can't do something like this alone, there are so many music-based sites that...
1-6 of 6 Results