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  1. Music
    Yo I'm open for collabs you CAN flake on me hit me up @atsdie on ig @afterthesummer on Soundcloud
  2. Music
    im dog plushy im the head of an all-asian rap collective we want to drop a mixtape that includes all the members, but we dont have many rappers producers and other creatives are welcome to join for more info contact me on disc: dog plushy#4680
  3. Music
    So I wanted to know if anyone wants to make a music group together preferably from the UK (I don't mind if ur not from there) I like to sing and song write from time to time. anyone can join e.g producers, songwriter, any kind of creatives... I'm very serious about this, you don't even have to...
  4. Creative Showcase
    They call me Alex Lane, I'm a experimental pop singer/songwriter, producer, and visual artist from Detroit MI and just formed this "collective" called Killing Modern and am just looking for interesting artists to work with.
  5. Music
    Want to collaborate anyways? Been a minute since I’ve made a new song but I’ll post a few old SoundCloud links
  6. Music
    Hi guys! I want to drop some links with random demos and shout out for collabs!!! Drop me links, be specific with your ideas and I am looking for quality flows! Stay safe. https://soundcloud.com/idemgrey/jay-jay-juice https://soundcloud.com/idemgrey/beat_six-two/s-tUC5rTvOu5I...
1-6 of 6 Results