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  1. Music
    Hey, I'm a producer with hella beats on me currently. My producer name is LDYBRD and my rapper name is Dopegodd. Here's a link to a Soundcloud promo I posted a minute ago. I also got a bunch of shit on my Instagram @folkrapper and my drive so DM me if you're interested. I mostly answer on...
  2. Music
    im dog plushy im the head of an all-asian rap collective we want to drop a mixtape that includes all the members, but we dont have many rappers producers and other creatives are welcome to join for more info contact me on disc: dog plushy#4680
  3. Music
    @cleveland.avenue on Instagram looking for 1-2 more vocalists (singing or rapping doesn’t matter just trying to get more variety) before we really get into production of our first mixtape, if interested message me @Kay.Arcilla on insta or the avenue tag listed. our sound - our sound that we...
  4. Music
    i'm trying to get out of the shell of my beats and find other stuff i can mess around with to find cool sounds n all that. also would just be cool to make friends with y'all having similar aspirations, i like working with people so just let me know i can do payments just preferably show what ur...
  5. Music
    Hello guys... I make beats, who needs some unique hip hop beats or some beats for collab. Show me what you got!
  6. Music
    Link your stuff if you can flow on anything and are serious about your work. If you fit this description link your work here or dm me on insta @josh.__n
  7. Music
    Hi I produce, and have been for about 5 years now. I've been looking to team up with a rapper who's serious about their craft for a long time. I've looked absolutely everywhere and have yet to find anybody. Who's up for it?
  8. Music
    Hi guys! I want to drop some links with random demos and shout out for collabs!!! Drop me links, be specific with your ideas and I am looking for quality flows! Stay safe. https://soundcloud.com/idemgrey/jay-jay-juice https://soundcloud.com/idemgrey/beat_six-two/s-tUC5rTvOu5I...
  9. Creative Showcase
    What's up!! My name is Drew and I've been producing for years...all different kinds of vibes- hip-hop, pop, dance and more. I'm at the point where I'm fully confident in my production abilities (my stuff could get played on the radio but isn't copying a trend) but am struggling to find artists...
  10. Creative Showcase
    Youngtext - Thugz Cry Dreams Music Video Ft. Ledd And SpeakerBox (Made With Dreams PS4) I’m first verse. If u wanna collab hit me upI make beats and made the animation. I do a lot of stuff if you’re interested. Other verses were the crew. Also I mixed and mastered
1-10 of 10 Results