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  1. Music
    Looking for creative likeminded individuals in the South Bay/Los Angeles area. Trying to put together an alternative/rap group together, looking for any type of creative, (rapper, producer, mixer, designer, videographer, photographer, editor, musician), basically anyone with something to...
  2. Music
    this video talks about brockhampton's newest album coming out, roadrunner.
  3. Mixtapes
    Imma 16 year old from NYC who just started a collective called ALT RLTY. I just dropped this song and I'd love to know what you think my IG is soar.mp3 if u wanna hmu
  4. Music
    not tryna copy brockhampton, but this is the best place besides reddit to ask and have a openly discussion. eye about a year ago created a band which now consists of about 4 members. eye would like to have someone who lives close to the denver, co area, but it’s fine if ur not near, eye just...
  5. TV &Film
    I want to find friends and have a good time filming all the dumb shit we do, I want to be a director in the future but I also want to have some friends to hang out with everyday and have fun. If anyone wants to make a skateboard themed film like what illegalciv has done then hit me up PLEASE!
  6. Creative Showcase
    There’s so much talent in these forums and I want to help. I’ve decided to start a label for artists, and a label where the artists will have a say in the direction it goes in. If you’re interested email me [email protected]
  7. Music
    comment if u interested in making a rap group
1-7 of 7 Results