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  1. Mixtapes
    Called "Rhythm of Melanin". Links below and tell me what yall think Streaming Links YouTube Playlist
  2. Mixtapes
    Hey everyone, We are a duo that formed through the internet that have put together our first project, a tribute to MF Doom and our love for the Indian music we each grew up with. We hope this is a well-received tribute to the supervillain's legacy. Thank you to anyone who listens! Links...
  3. Music
    2022 is almost around the corner and I will be droppin' some more content! I have a thing for soulful hip hop beats with a hittin' 808, drums, and samples (preferably original samples). And I'm always on YouTube, BeatStars and Airbit checking out HOT new music producers. HOW ABOUT WE HELP EACH...
  4. Music
    Peace Family! I usually dont do stuff like this but i think its worth it at this point! Triple T produced my whole album and its dropping 8/21! Lets go! Tap in with me on ig @divineminde on everything! My single Walk from the project is available everywhere you enjoy your music! My Youtube...
  5. Music
    Llama Prod - "Boom Bap Freestyle" - YouTube
  6. Music
    Llama Prod - "Boom Bap Freestyle" - YouTube
  7. Music
    I know "real hip hop" is a dying breed nowadays. This type of artists is hard to come by nowadays. Same goes for producers. The industry is so saturated with the Trap sound. I am looking to work with Conscious, Boom Bap and LoFi rappers. So if you're looking for Soulful Boom Bap Beats checkout...
1-7 of 7 Results