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  1. Music
    https://www.n1m.com/kenganthony and Hunted Dolla Billz, by KeNg Anthony Super respect to Kanye West. Love you man... Grab that single "Hunted Dolla billz" Please read my Bio's. They matter...
  2. Creative Showcase
    I'll keep this short and simple: I make beats, they are below. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNVoDwflH31JWCMmVROpzqg
  3. Creative Showcase
    Wassup, looking for recommendations to buy quality new Soundbanks for ElectraX, Serum or etc for hip hop, rap, trap type sounds. Any potential hacks I'm open to it too
  4. Kanye West
    Hi everyone I found this beat and I think it's dope.who agrees or disagree 👉👉SHIMAZAROS HOPBEAT#1
  5. Music
    i'm trying to get out of the shell of my beats and find other stuff i can mess around with to find cool sounds n all that. also would just be cool to make friends with y'all having similar aspirations, i like working with people so just let me know i can do payments just preferably show what ur...
  6. Music
    Crazy beat tape in the style of what i believe a good ass job album from Kanye and chance the rapper would've sounded like. art and beats done by me. I'd love yall's feedback and to know how yall think the album would sounded!
  7. Creative Showcase
    I try to keep my catalog versatile so here is my latest beat Waves which is a fusion between Hip-Hop and R&B. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  8. Music
    Hello guys... I make beats, who needs some unique hip hop beats or some beats for collab. Show me what you got!
  9. Music
    I'm Jungly, and I'm GIVING one of you guys a PROFESSIONAL sounding mic for you to start your MUSIC CAREER, as well as some beats and mixing services! Go this post and participate:
  10. Creative Showcase
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  11. Creative Showcase
  12. Creative Showcase
  13. Creative Showcase
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated 🙏
  14. Music
    Hi guys! I want to drop some links with random demos and shout out for collabs!!! Drop me links, be specific with your ideas and I am looking for quality flows! Stay safe. https://soundcloud.com/idemgrey/jay-jay-juice https://soundcloud.com/idemgrey/beat_six-two/s-tUC5rTvOu5I...
  15. Creative Showcase
    Let me know what you think about this one
  16. Music
    Hey Guys, Here are some Free to use Beats i made. For non Commercial use only. Peace https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBsu90cgyXEncoU1m9wY4Lw
  17. Music
    I know "real hip hop" is a dying breed nowadays. This type of artists is hard to come by nowadays. Same goes for producers. The industry is so saturated with the Trap sound. I am looking to work with Conscious, Boom Bap and LoFi rappers. So if you're looking for Soulful Boom Bap Beats checkout...
  18. Music
    Hi, I make space and sample-based beats and I have released my 3rd beat tape on soundcloud and I'm looking for rappers to rap on other beats. Please send me feedback on what you think about it. Checkout my music on other platforms on my signature ⬇ Link here
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1-20 of 22 Results