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  1. Music
    If you are releasing content in 2022, whether it be a rap song on Soundcloud or a video on YouTube, you know how vital it is to have catchy, high quality backing track. In any project, music is an essential piece of the puzzle in gaining and keeping a viewers attention. If the music isn’t good...
  2. Music
    Crazy beat tape in the style of what i believe a good ass job album from Kanye and chance the rapper would've sounded like. art and beats done by me. I'd love yall's feedback and to know how yall think the album would sounded!
  3. Music
    Hi guys! I want to drop some links with random demos and shout out for collabs!!! Drop me links, be specific with your ideas and I am looking for quality flows! Stay safe. https://soundcloud.com/idemgrey/jay-jay-juice https://soundcloud.com/idemgrey/beat_six-two/s-tUC5rTvOu5I...
1-4 of 4 Results