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  1. Music
    Who wants to start a band? I’m 14, but I want to start the next Brockhampton, don’t got many friends, that’s also kinda what I’m lookin for on here. People with similar interests!
  2. Music
    @cleveland.avenue on Instagram looking for 1-2 more vocalists (singing or rapping doesn’t matter just trying to get more variety) before we really get into production of our first mixtape, if interested message me @Kay.Arcilla on insta or the avenue tag listed. our sound - our sound that we...
  3. Tyler, The Creator
    Hellooooo to all my fellow creatives, I’m here to inform you on a little group that I’m starting that you might be interested in getting in on if your wishing to collaborate with other rappers, producers, singers etc. Eventually we’ll become a collective group that’ll be similar to what odd...
  4. Music
    I can make any genre of music but could use a couple more producers, singers, lyric writers, rappers, whatever.
1-4 of 4 Results