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  1. Music
    Im making a 5 track ep and its like a diary of a person who just broke up with this girl he was in love with so he keeps talking about how he is living his life since the break up and at first he hides the fact that she left a void inside him so he lies and talks about how he didn't care and...
  2. Music
    My Mood music video, is a creative display of sheer genius, by 9.SUMM. Displaying the emotions of someone talking to a therapist about everyday life. My Mood
  3. Music
    Platinum recording artist Tay Dizm, is back.
  4. Music
    Hi everyone, I am a filmmaker background in software engineer and my brother is a rapper. I've noticed working in the field that in the industry it's a lot of who knows who so I decide to create something to help. The name of the web app is Creworth. Basically it shows who is your business...
  5. Music
    Hey my names Showgenn , I do dark\emotional\alternative music . I really love this shit it’s my calling so I’m just here trying to gain fans . I’m dropping a project called “ The crow” soon so look out for that . I don’t have any videos out cause I lack confidence and most of the times I feel...
  6. Life & Advice
    Here in Paris, I feel like people are totally bewitch by themselve. They're all doing the same shit without trying to open their minds to new styles.:ffpu: I feel like they are just making music to make noise and because its trendy to be known as a rapper. To me its definetly a shame, cause...
  7. Creative Showcase
    Hey guys! So I submitted my latest r&b track to Anthony Fantano's twitch stream, and it was selected by the mod for him to listen to. He ended up enjoying it more than I thought and so I figured I would share it here... It's a bit of a slow jam and quite personal, might not be everyone's cup of...
  8. Music
    I'm just a artist who's heavily influenced by Kanye. Poetic Junior - Ghetto Picasso (Official Video)
  9. Creative Showcase
    What's up!! My name is Drew and I've been producing for years...all different kinds of vibes- hip-hop, pop, dance and more. I'm at the point where I'm fully confident in my production abilities (my stuff could get played on the radio but isn't copying a trend) but am struggling to find artists...
  10. Mixtapes
    hey KTT long term lurker first time poster. asian 18yo from Australia, i produce a lot and recently started recording. seriously inspired by trav and kanye. i try to produce my own tracks because i can't find the sound i want on youtube, really appreciate anyone who took the time to check three...
  11. Music
    Be sure to like, follow and hit the notification bell if you are an artist, producer, engineer, manager, etc if you have songs you want heard and reviewed! Aren’t you tired of those same ole review shows where they give you simple and basic ass reviews with “this is fire🔥” or “this shit is ass”...
1-18 of 18 Results