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  1. Music
    Alright so im sure there's a million of these type of posts that never pan out, but I want to work on music with peoples. I am 20 years old and from MA and just dropped out, but I need motivation to do something more with my life and make some dope shit. I have alot of grand visions I want to...
  2. Music
    Check out one of hip-hop's most underrated, new artist from Southern California. 9.SUMM
  3. Music
    Check out and follow 9.SUMM, one of hip-hop's newest and most talented artist from Fresno, California. 9.summ - Fragrance 9.summ | Official Website, Listen, Merch, Tours
  4. Music
    Check out 9.SUMM and his amazing new single "Fragrance" ft. Derek King.https Drop a hot new up and coming Independent artist, and let us know what city he reps.
  5. Music
    Check out 9.SUMM, and his amazing new sing "Fragrance" ft. Derek King, from the Mixed Emotions coming soon... https://untd.io/l-yn https://untd.io/m/9summfeatderekking
  6. Creative Showcase
    M!LL!EE RAEE an up and coming artist straight out of Buffalo NY drops her second single after releasing the hard hitting ''HOW I LIVE IT'' single three months prior. Now she's following up with another banger. ''Witmeenow'' OUT EVERYWHERE !! M!LL!EE RAEE | Linktree (psss you should tap in while...
  7. Music
    can we just do another brockhampton band from my post right here????
  8. Music
    Support us and all other independent artists so we could invent new music. Don't forget to subscribe it means a lot to us.
1-9 of 9 Results