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  1. Kanye West
    Hello everybody, Does anybody if someone mixed a version of the original Monster-song with the extended outro that Kanye does in this 2011-concert? I heard there is supposed to be a fan-made extended version, I just can't find it anywhere. Thank you!!
  2. Music
    If you like it no need to thank me, but i love you for watching. @evrythingso
  3. Music
    I made three albums of increasing-quality in the early 2010s. I have been working on LP4 since 2013 and lately feel the music of those three albums have been aging well. Laptop Rap [1] is the rawest of the bunch and of the lowest fidelity. Recorded on my laptop’s microphone with very little...
  4. Designer and brand owner creating soundcloud rap :)

    Hi! I am Cubby. I make art and music and recently have learned to love myself and accept everything about me and it has inspired me to make some of my best art I have made! my website is for design is: cubby.gallery I just dropped this song with one of my best friends :) Here's the album art...
  5. Rock/Indie
    Made this tune along time ago but released it fairly recently, kind of a alternative hip hop/rock fusion heavy on the pianos. Check it out and lemme know whatcha think! ;)
  6. Music
    Looking for creative likeminded individuals in the South Bay/Los Angeles area. Trying to put together an alternative/rap group together, looking for any type of creative, (rapper, producer, mixer, designer, videographer, photographer, editor, musician), basically anyone with something to...
  7. Mixtapes
    i smoke and make music in my garage lmk what you think i aint never posted on here before
1-9 of 9 Results