Watch The Throne Tour: Reviews

When Kanye and Jay-Z announced their Watch the Throne tour, expectations were high. Now the reviews are in, and it looks like the tour is a hit!

The “Watch The Throne” concert totally surpassed anything you would expect. From the 50 foot cubes, to the laser show and spectacular visuals, and in-and-out mini sets, the pair moved like a duo that has performed consistently for years.


The kings of hip-hop, Jay-Z and Kanye West, descended upon on Atlanta on Friday and Saturday nights to begin their Watch the Throne tour reign and the two couldn’t have been more regal during their performances.

– XXLMag

On a night where the two kings put their wealth on full display, lucky for Atlanta, Jay and Kanye West were willing to share.


At the night’s best moments, Jay and Kanye came down off their thrones and reminded the commoners that they were just regular guys too. But as the pair closed with “Why I Love You” in front of 40-foot video images of themselves on the screen behind them, it seemed as if they were climbing back up and closing the castle gate behind them.

– Spin

With two high-definition big screens, wild pyrotechnics, cubed shaped rising platforms, and even live sharks adding to the Hov and Ye’s live show, concertgoers were treated to a night of visual perfection. The duo both performed their solo hits and of course material from Watch The Throne.

– Vibe