Travis Scott Featuring Kanye “Piss On Your Grave” Music Video

The Apple Music exclusives just keep on coming, this time arriving in the form of the ‘Piss On Your Grave’ music video.The long time Kanye-collaborator Nabil takes the director reigns as we watch Kanye, Travis, and a masked Mos Def romp around a forest. Aligned with Kanye’s past two videos, Only One and All Day, the video takes on a minimalist approach employing a single background and no props. Trading off vicious verses and donned head-to-toe in Yeezy attire, Travis and Kanye look fierce as they threaten to piss on your grave.

In addition to the video, Travis dropped a litle update on Kanye’s (hopefully) forthcoming album. Right before signing off from his interview on Zane Lowe’s Beats Radio 1 show Travis revealed that “December is for the kids” and Kanye’s album is coming “very soon”. With the track record of Kanye and Travis it would be wise to be wary. However, considering how closely Travis and Kanye have been working lately this could very well turn out to be true; in which case, get excited.

Author: Seth Neu