Kanye West’s “Monster” Video Released

Fresh off the last video release which included an epilepsy warning. Kanye West’s unedited version of the music video for “Monster”, posted just shortly on KanyeWest.com, now comes with one for necrophilia. Logging onto the website, at the moment of pressing play a message appears explaining the video to be in no way misogynistic or negative toward any groups of people. It is an art piece. Not something about you, not whoever ran their dirty shoes on Ye’s Versace sofa, the A&R guys mentioned in diamonds (they already messed up), or whoever the track “Blame Game” is about.

It’s a monster movie. With a few bars of Rick Ross’ beratone screaming through the heavy bass as he enjoys a cigar and some friends or foes hanging around—by the neck. Jay-Z stunting with someone staying on the sofa. Shots of a cool contortionist ugly dude juxtapositioned with Nicki Minaj straddling and S&Ming her Barbie otherself. And a headless sculpture of a man pleading below to an angel as Bon Iver sings about crossing the line and letting God decide.

The video has offended several, including figures in the media. Because many women, scantily-clad and made-up (not really dead by the way… or else people would be doing some serious time), are scenery. Some asphyxiated, some naked, and all dead. Even one beheaded in the hand of Yeezy. MTV banned the video and demanded changes be made. Even a petition was filled to prevent the peeping. And in the wake of the controversy BET is receiving for playing the video for “Man Down” by Rihanna, Kanye just threw the directors cut of his vision on his website for all of us to enjoy. With a thing on the bottom tracking the Twitter trending for how much people love the video.

MTV hasn’t been the authority for music videos for a long time counting. The same stuff isn’t wanted anymore. Some people want interesting, controversial stuff to watch. Governmental Genocide of Gingers in M.I.A.’s Born Free, wrath on the city streets in Justice’s Stress, molestation of a blow-up doll in VCR by Tyler The Creator. Viewers behind them pressing undead arms against windows reaching for them. Craving it. They turn around and need to see our hands at the concert.

Watch the video on KanyeWest.com