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Why it May Not be Worth it to Go to College as a Creative


Kids Take Over

Hey guys, so i'm posting this here in the hopes that it'll resonate with any students who are creative and a bit lost in college like myself.

I run this hip hop media company called Kids Take Over where we interview famous rappers (NLE Choppa, Polo G, etc). Im in my 3rd year of college and im slowly realizing that starting my media company has made me learn WAY more than all of my classes at school combined.

So because of that, I just made this video talking about whether I think going to college as a creative is not that worth it.



I actually just made a post about this on reddit, I think it's really important for creatives to stay in school unless their passion / art is already providing them with enough money

I dropped out of UCLA and it's been 4 years, I've been working on my craft and pursuing my passion since and now I gotta build a career. A dayjob. The chances of making it are very very small for anyone in any field, betting on it is ridiculous.
I went with the Will Smith idea of hey, working on plan B means you're not on plan A, but it backfired lol


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