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Drake need a new formula tbh

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I couldnít imagine getting mad at fans for giving a non bias point of view. But nah according to yíall, we gotta eat up everything Drake does. But will talk about other artists and their fanbase. Yíall are the Drake stans people be talking about. Weirdos.


Youíre such a **** eater lmao. Yíall real life be mad when FANS give constructive criticism.

I didnít quote you so kindly eat a **** and suck ya mum donít roll up on me with energy ****head especially since I didnít say **** to you. Now **** off.

I didnít quote you so kindly eat a **** and suck ya mum donít roll up on me with energy ****head especially since I didnít say **** to you. Now **** off.

But you quoted and indirect post about me you fat sack of ****
Young Yakuza, but none of my fingers cut

Only people who canít relate feel this way about Drake

He needs the krabby patty formula

Itís funny because when TC first dropped I remember people hating it. Memes for DAYSSSSS. Sad Drake and all that. It took a couple years for people to start to talk about that album like a great album. NWTS might be the only album I can remember post SFG that people seemed to like pretty quickly. I donít think Drake can win and satisfy everyone with one body of work, itís just not even possible. His fan base is too diverse and they all want different things from a Drake album. At least most.

But they can put together a playlist of like x amount of songs whether itís 10 or 20 or 50, whatever, where they love all those songs. When he releases an album, I end up trimming a couple songs off, maybe replacing them with some loosies from that era.

Like TC. I donít like Make Me Proud, Practice I canít remember off the top of my head but maybe 1-2 others, so on my iTunes theyíre replaced with like Dreams Money Can Buy, Club Paradise, etc. and now to me itís a classic I can play all the way through anytime (and I still do) since it came out like 8 years ago or however long itís been.

I usually do that with his albums. Iíll cut a couple or few songs depending on length of the album, and add a couple loosies I love from that album cycle.

I also can make a playlist easily of literally 75 Drake songs if I wanted and not skip one, containing songs from every single piece of work heís dropped.

I canít really say the same about almost any artists. I usually have to cut out big chunks of albums or even just take a few songs out of like 15 and delete the rest. There are SOOOOOOO few albums in existence that I havenít edited by deleting songs and/or skits and can enjoy listening all the way through. Even my favorite albums of all time, thereís usually always one song or skit at least I delete.

I also can make playlists for any mood with Drake music, whether I want more melancholy stuff or just bars or whatever. I enjoy that. I can do that with very few other artists as well.

Thatís why I love Drake so much. And this is coming from someone who bumps anything from DíEvils, One Mic, It Ainít Hard To Tell, Machine Gun Funk, random cuts from Macís FACES, All Falls Down, Runaway, Street Lights, etc. just a random list of songs that popped in my head.

Also coming from someone who really disliked VIEWS and I deleted most of that album beside maybe 5 songs, but loved Scorpion (deleted maybe 2-3 or so songs from Scorpion).

I just want Drake to keep putting out material thatís true to him, or do his best to, and not rush it. I think VIEWS was rushed and I just didnít like it. I understand why people would.

But I donít think he needs to switch it up just for the sake of switching it up. Just make music. Thatís it.

He needs to not have a formula at all. I think his problem is making the same record repeatedly. Take Care was good and he has some good ideas generally but you can't coast off one musical idea forever.

It's not that he doesn't change his sound, it' that Drake just has nothing to say.

People want to be me, check.
I've dominated music, check.
I love every other woman, check.
My producer, My mama, check.

Drake needs some actual life experiences. He has nothing to draw from. He wants to be respected as a Hip-Hop great, but lacks the focus. He's more concerned with making hits than making creative music that leaves an imprint.
Nah Son

Drizzyís discography is pretty amazing to me

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