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Need a new hobby. Suggestions?

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MF Dank Meme

if you have the money and live near water get your diving license. One of the best things i ever did :banderas:

china travel

My hobby is designing custom lapel pins. I also like collecting them I make those Soft Enamel Pins using a cool service. I have almost 50 designs of lapel pins of different styles and sizes so far

You can build things! Anything really, but your own furniture is probably the most reasonable.
You could take up photography, which gives you reason enough to leave the house and explore the world around you.
Hiking is a great one, especially if you have someone to do it with. You could trek all over your country.
Rock climbing/bouldering, which has quite a few indoor places.
Gambling! When I was told about onlineslotsx by one of my friends, I decided to try it, and it turns out that it is an extremely well crafted website, the design and layout are great, and it is extremely easy to use.

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