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Bruh someone went onto the Wish app and ordered a Pennywise outfit and this is what he got


Scarier than actual Pennywise tbh

Feeling the Bernz

streams for classic/rare horror movies :ninja:


hit movies dolph lundgren shark lake. oh man....ypu can always tell when a production company doesn't care. I bet it went something like this:

 "christ, just name it shark lake, larry! it doesn't matter! brain dead meth head's are going to watch it, you are never going to be Tobe Hooper.  You want a star? Okay....how about uhhhhh Dolph Lundgren? There you go, Larry. That's our 4th quarter film. Jesus christ, we aren't making I,Claudius! Hit the ground running with Shark Lake! After you finish that, give me some progress on Gnome Castle!  "    :hah:

I have to watch the kill scenes on Shark Lake. I am intrigued. :clap:  It can't be worse than Red Scorpion....:work:  It's hard to believe that Dolph Lundgren is a super genius and excelled in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. Fam...model martial artx expert & s chemical engineer with 2 degrees & he dated Grace Jones D:

Lundgren Chemical Engineering Institute probably coming soon :banderas:
Harvey Specter
you're very handsome :allears: - zizzihikaru

Marianne on netflix was great

The last episode wasn't as good as the rest but it was as creepily enjoyable as Haunting of Hill House
dr. poptart


Just went through ANOES the other week and going through Child's Play collection now.

Bought a few horror movies today that I hadn't seen awhile to watch.

yo I miss this thread forreal
Everybody's dying bitch.

dr. poptart link=topic=57018.msg542230311#msg542230311 date=157​8039113
yo I miss this thread forreal

Yeah, it became so dead for the last year.

Even on KTT2, it's dead af.

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