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I waited for the album to officially release in stores to first hear it and I was very excited to finally hear it. I didn't know what to expect because I tried avoiding every release [only heard the singles] so I think I was good.

Now for the review:

When the intro of “Tuscan Leather” begins…you begin to smile because Nothing Was The Same starts off great.

Then the beat drops….

As the instrumental part of “Tuscan Leather” floods your speakers…you start thinking about the past.

In a really intense minute, you quickly realize you’re somewhere in between psychotic and iconic.

And you start thinking about your ex, yeah, the ex you love-hate.

But then “Furthest Thing” comes on and you get a little emo reminiscing about the “good times.” Next thing you know, you start drinking on the low…

and smoking on the low…

And then you realize you’re the furthest thing from perfect…like everyone else you know.

Then the song ends, and you’re like “F*ck that! All I need is my friends.”


Why worry about an ex when you got friends? Lots of them….

Just when you were feeling better about life…Wu-Tang Clan’s “It’s Yourz” comes on in the club…and the memories of your ex come flooding back…but you remember.

You try to cope, so you start scrolling through your phone to find a rebound.

After you take the “walk of shame,” you realize your random sexual encounter didn’t make you feel better.

And then you start to cry…


The whole entire time Drake sings “Own It”

Then you ask yourself a rhetorical question like…

And then you tell yourself repeatedly…

After you stop crying, you come back like return of the mack…

On your “worst behavior"...

Because you remember that motherf*cker (your ex) never loved you…

and then you remember your ex owes you money…

Then you get sad again, because you don’t have the balls to really pimp slap your ex.

And deep down inside you wish you all could’ve worked it out.

Then Jhene Aiko’s angelic voice rings over the speakers on “From Time” and all you want to do is…

Lost in sadness, you pick up your phone and do the unthinkable…text your ex.

Like “Can We Be Friends?”

Then your ex responds with a Vine of Drake singing “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

And then you’re in love again….or at least for the time being.

But then you remember there’s a reason why you broke up and should stay broken up.

But your ex says “how about we just smoke and hang out” and you respond “now, that’s my language.”

You know that your relationship will never work out, but you can’t stop thinking about the possibilities.

So you both decide to call it a truce and go your separate ways as distant friends. Because really…

you’re too busy paper chasing and getting that cake to be wrapped up in a relationship.

thinking to yourself that I made it and I can keep on getting it...

And the only person you need in life is yourself. Straight “all me,” myself, and I swag.

Then your emotions start to kick and the pain is just too much like why can't we go back to how it used to be.

As soon as the last Nothing Was The Same track goes off, you’re hit with the realization that…

NWTS was emotional, but thank you Drake.

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10/10 thread
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10/10 thread


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