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Welcome to General Discussion.

This section is intended, as the name implies, for discussion about several topics, such as politics, religion, race, business, school, work, general ideas and etc.Threads about personal issues and personal life experiences are to remain in L&A. This section is intended to discuss those topics that are non-personal.

Please note that this section is intended for serious discussion, trolling will get you banned immediately (this is your warning).

All the rules regarding how to post and what's not permitted in terms of flaming and harassing other members from L&A carries on here.

You will be banned if:

1. You make bait threads
2. Insult other members based on race, religion, and social views. If you don't agree with someone, respond without insulting. If someone is trolling, report it, don't troll them back.
3. You fail to follow the L&A rules in this section (they apply here as well)

Your Thread Will Be Locked or Deleted (and you may also be banned) If:

1. You make bait threads
2. You encourage trolling in your thread, or are trolling, yourself.
3. It becomes too hectic with trolling and a mod temporarily locks it to clean the thread and let it settle. (You will not be banned unless you were violating the points above this one)

Making Discussion Threads: If you're going to make a news thread, create a topic. This section is not intended to be filled with news threads where the op simply copy-pastes a news article and leaves some kind of bait question or smiley after it. Create a real topic that can be discussed constructively.


Directory (Of non-stickied threads)
African Thread
Arizona Thread
Autmobile Thread
Black Empowerment Thread
Christianity Thread
Computer Science Thread
Conservative Thread
Donald Trump Thread
Firearms Thread
French Language Thread
Islam Thread
Mathematics Thread
Seattle Thread
Socialist Thread
Space Thread
Stock Market Thread

Jawnz ☔️Section Mod

Recently it has come to the attention of the mods that despite lots of healthy debate going on in general discussion, the derailing of threads has become quite prevalent. This is not a new issue but recently has been getting worse.

Most users know the basic rules of GD (and the site) and participate in a positive way but a few remain who repeatedly enter threads with the sole purpose of trying to derail the conversation or to bait users/OP. This reminder is mainly intended for those users but we would be grateful if all users could have a quick re-read of the GD rules found here https://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/index.php?topic=3663657.0

This reminder also serves as a final warning for those breaking GD rules - especially with derailing - and so bans will be the next step for users who fail to stop and continue breaking GD rules.



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