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2015/16 Footy thread. We go again!

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Signing of the summer so far?

Michy Bats
Dan.Section Mod
"I had two great weekends. Cocaine, one. Your ass the next."

Footy Fam,

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of speculation as to who the next OP is. There was a lot of talk about a committee which would decide, as well as other methods of choice such as a poll. Despite the rumours, I am here to clarify some things. Even though there was a lot of talk about who might get it such as the campaign to support PT, and the premature announcement of Singh; Iím here to tell you one thing.

The Official Association Football Thread - 2015/16

Fantasy Premier League code: 25​8543-69325

Make predictions for upcoming season here


KTT Bellen d'Or - Winner was announced December 1st, 2015

The KTT Bellen d'Or (French pronunciation: ​[bollon dɔʁ], "Golden Bellend") is a KanyeToThe.com award given annually to the poster who is considered to have performed the worst in the previous year. It is awarded based on votes by posters and OPs of the thread, as well as wastemen from around the site. Nominations will be accepted from November 1 up until midnight November 30.

Previous Winners

2012 - MJay (Chelsea)
2013 - KK3K (Manchester United)
2014 - The god. (Mexico)
2015 - LOVE (Not quite sure)

Footy Fam 2015 awards

Important Information

PM OP for questions about awards.

Previous awards ceremonies:
2015 Awards
2014 Awards
2013 Awards

The password to enter the page, is "footyfam"

Footy Thread Smileys

Predictions & Bets

give memphis a year he's gonna be better than Reus has ever been and will ever be, and you can quote me on that
Result: TBC

Poster's Statement - Prediction

I, pompower, 2013 Official Association Football Thread MVP and confirmed KTT GOAT solemnly predict that:

In the next 5 years, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club will win the English Premier League title.

I am dead serious.
In the ridiculously unlikely scenario that this does not transpire, I will relieve myself of all OP duties I possess, and delete my KTT account (or account to the equivalent forum).

Please place this prediction in the OP of this Association Football thread, and of each Association Football thread until the prediction's end date.

Thank you.

Date start: 29th of May, 2014
Date end: 29th of May, 2019


Result: TBC

June 13, 2015.

We, the undersigned, agree to take part in a gentleman's agreement regarding the following topic;
Ballon d'Or award, in the year 2019.

The following outcomes are at stake:

The loser will pay the winner 10GBP via PayPal.
The loser will also change their avatar image on KTT (or the equivalent) to a picture of the winner's choice for one full calendar year. (365 days) The 365 days begin when the winner chooses and there are no limits or designations of which image may be used.

The bet will be decided by Gareth Bale, currently of Wales and Real Madrid not finishing in the top three of voting in the Ballon d'Or awards by 2019.

We agree to participate fully, and not back out of such a bet. Should either gentleman pull out of the bet, they shall forfeit 5GBP to the other party, as well as change their avatar image for 90 days.

If the losing party refuses to pay their losing fee, or to change their avatar, they shall be banished permanently via IP ban from KTT (of the equivalent forum.)



signed Mark.
Result: TBC

The Vault - Classic Posts

33, that's my nans ****Ông age :hah:
seems quite likely for a council estate ****head like you
Singh's earlobes :floyd:

Man's so rich he looks like the Chanel logo.

And not sure if you're fit to judge anyone's religiousness when you post about going to clubs and ****ing girls, you know, thats pretty haram :oblivious:
There's a load of people in Calais dying to get over here, its the summer destination lad


we have drive-ins over here

think its drive-bys you're thinking of that are US exclusive
X sweatin' at all these ideal marriage ages
Man flipped a coin to decide whether he was going to defend Wenger or Mou.
Your Mum doesn't pay £29.99 a month for an internet subscription for you to make **** posts like that.
got to eating her out and she goes "do you actually enjoy doing that" :clap: :clap: :clap:
It's not. A dog tried to **** me.
Typical Liverpool fans. Quiet all game then thy perk up once they've scored, maybe sing a rendition of YNWA & still be fraudulently known as the best fans.
- Dave, from Southend
Dwight Yorke just said it was a fantastic finish

Lmfao acting as if it wasn't going straight to Guzan if it didn't take a deflection. Can see where Harvey gets it from.
Harvey was the result of a **** shot really.
Lmao I read this in Caveman style.
"He worst"
Go beat your **** to some octopus porn you ****ing 5 team supporting herb.
if Frank Lampard was fit Steven Gerrard would be working at McDonalds !
The ultimate betrayal

PT out here like;

Is that part of the Dragonite family?
@supermangirl69: Stupid bintman muscled in on my picture. Will have to get another one.
Adnan Sayed didn't go to jail for this
your mum looks like a post box
i bet you get carpet burn everytime you hug yer mum
The Arsenal Champions League Way

Step 1: Lose away to D team, but play just okay enough that poor performance can be blamed on set-piece disaster, red card, etc.
Step 2: Destroy C team, giving hope that team can salvage first place in group
Step 3: Lose to A team at home and/or away, ruining first place chances
Step 4: Play well enough in other games against C/D teams to guarantee second place in group
Step 5: Lose 3-0 at home, win 2-1 away in RO16, making supporters believe that next year will be the year.
Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5.

When Steven Davis' arse is bare impressive

imagine a bunch of orcs sat in a circle on warcraft planning an attack on the west ffs

I feel you bro. This morning had me like

Sad Benn link=topic=3372665.msg251968705#msg251968705 date=1443115​922

Gonna spark the missis and get her to grab it and some Fosters.

Spurs Fans have done it again.


He died for our sins but now he has risen once again.

DESTROY MY **** MIRALEM :rejoice:
"Spanks him and says ye naughty boy"

Today's match played out like a united fan's wet dream.

"Blind scores a screamer, and then um, they get a penalty. and guess who steps up instead of rooney, herrera. and he SMASHES IT! and then liverpool have some chances and benteke scores an OVERHEAD KICK. martial comes on, he fakes a defender, he slots it past the bottom corner like HENRY! yeahhhhhh GGMU Were gonna finish second for sure!!"
PT be like

I was here during Moyes while Memphis was in the  beginning stages of his homoerotic love story with a guy he scored a screamer with on FIFA

Know for a fact you had chewing gum holding up United posters on you shanty walls when Hernandez first signed for United.

Retired from modding as soon as I took up full time OP so I could watch over someone pretend to be a Cardiff youth team player for a year

Republicans be like

Fam. Done a bit of work, and found out the name of the user Memphis Depay.

Searched twitter for him, and found him.

Here it is: Memphis

Poll Results

Ozil > Mata
Arsenal over Spurs in 2015/16
Harry Kane will score less than 15 league goals
Benteke will score more than Kane
Chelsea to keep most clean sheets in 15/16
Leicester top 10 finish.

It’s Coming Home


OP pompower bids farewell as new era begins

325 days ago, I brought forth on this forum, a new thread, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all posters are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great changing of the guard, testing whether that thread, or any thread so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that change. We have come to dedicate a portion of these posts, as a final resting place for those who here gave their accounts that that thread might live (RIP in peace Timbo). It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate Ė we cannot consecrate Ė we cannot hallow Ė these pages. The brave OP, who struggled here, has consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember, what I posted here, but it can never forget what I did here. It is for you the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished posts which I, who fought here, have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for you to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before you Ė that from these honoured OP we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion Ė that we here highly resolve that these permaíd shall not have been banned in vain Ė that this nation, under Dan, shall have a new birth of freedom Ė and that government of the OP, from the Pom, for the people, shall not perish from KTT.

Norman Fucking Rockwell

Dan.Section Mod
"I had two great weekends. Cocaine, one. Your ass the next."

OPís statement:

The opportunity to become OP of this thread was too much. My time of posting was wonderful, but I needed a new challenge and being OP gave me this opportunity. This is a thread with great posters and a great history and I chose the footy thread because they are one of the biggest threads on the forum.

When pompower calls you, you have to answer. Itís a great honour to be handpicked as the successor of one of the best OPís ever. Thatís why Iím here.

The brass and I met in a thread a few years ago and I said I can see myself being OP here one day. When pompower called, pompower made it happen. To be part of such a prestigious group that includes drop.out and Pato is amazing.

It will be tough to follow the success of the most successful OP ever, but I feel as though Iím in a great position to do so. The success of the thread waned out a little but with a good pre-season, I feel as though we can get of to a great start and hopefully have the best year in the threadís history.

With regards to the rumours of me being in charge beyond my current contract; I have one thing to say. Why not? If we are successful this season in providing banter, then hopefully the posters will have me again. Iím at a good age, Iím only 35179, so I have lots of years ahead of me, and hopefully this is a job I can keep for a while.

To finish. I would like to thank all those who supported me throughout my career and up until this point. Thank you to Pompower for this opportunity, and thank you to the posters who will make this a great year for me.

Mia San FootyFam!!


lupe piasco

Virgil Van Dijk


Memphis Depay


**** cesc


Norman Fucking Rockwell



Memphis Depay

sawlty when a sweeterman slide thru


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