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The 54th Grammy's [Kanye wins 4 Grammys; 18 in all now]

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I'm starting to miss that lyricism in his first albums and the relatablility of his music. Even though he's probably one of the best rappers, if not the best in current history, that god status sh*t is making me not feel his music too much anymore.
Late Registration, Graduation I used to vibe to Kanye for the lyrics. Classics. Now I listen to him for the beats and just because he's Kanye lol. But once the new beats wear off, his music is starting to fade like any other radio songs.

Side Note: Anyone else that follows ROC NATION feel like J.Cole (was) coming up as a new-generation Kanye? I know he has a different personality, didn't start out making his own beats, different focus etc. But I think if he doesn't drop the emotion and the rawness of his raps just cause he has money, he's gonna be great. I didn't think his new album was as good as Friday Night Lights though.

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