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Life & Advice Section / R&A / General Discussion Moderators: Gurilla, Synposis, urba, Franco & demeulemeester
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Welcome to Life & Advice


This section is intended for serious discussions pertaining to personal matters, such as your every day life, school, work and anything that relates to the hardships of life.

if you're wishing to discuss or get advice on anything pertaining relationships, dating, and etc, please refer to the RA subsection that falls under L&A.

Threads that are NOT allowed

To retain the highest maturity level when it comes to threads in this section, anything relating to general news or politics/religion will not be allowed in this section. this is to prevent random discussions about matters that aren't directly relevant to our everyday lives. If an event does impact you emotionally or physically, you can post your personal experience in L&A, but not a random article about the situation.

If you are suspected of posting a troll topic we will lock or remove the thread and you will likely be banned from L&A or even the entire site. We are more likely to lock/remove rather than moving to Misc otherwise trolls have little disincentive to NOT make their thread here first if they know the worst case is a move to Misc. NO CHAT THREADS ALLOWED

Posting a reply in L&A

Add to the discussion, donít take away from it. Does your post answer a question, add to the discussion, or otherwise help the person you're replying to in any way whatsoever? If the answer is "no" then you shouldn't post, that includes immature posts such as "post pics OP", no one is in no way obligated to post any type of personal information on here. In no way is "o.p. is a ****" (or any other variations) an acceptable reply. You WILL be banned from L&A.


If you see something insulting, disrespectful as far as threads and posts go, report it. The reporting feature is a quick way to get a moderator's attention and get them to attend to the issue. Reporting is something we are trying to encourage, please use it.

Be very specific with your thread titles. "Man idk" or "i need help" are examples of very poor titles for threads, just that is enough reason to lock the thread even if the thread is well made otherwise. Also it is not the mod's job to change the title for you.

The rule "if you don't like a thread, don't reply to it" applies in L&A, more so than in many other sections. If someone is discussing depression or suicide, replies advocating suicide (even jokingly) are NOT tolerated. If someone creates a thread about their friend being raped, jokes about rape are NOT tolerated. This is common sense. If you do this you WILL be banned.

Making fun of others for any reason whatsoever is considered ban worthy for up to a week. Immaturity, personal attacks, and disregard for others' welfare is NOT tolerated (YOU WILL BE BANNED).

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