Drake – Take Care

“Take Care” is this thing we use in passing conversation to dismiss bullshit like, “Oh, you couldn’t make it on time? Oh, take care, take care.” Drake explained upon being asked his reasoning for the name of his album. “We’ve always used that, and then I really took so much care making this album. I knew I was going to go home and take longer than six months, I knew that I was literally going to take care of making this project and be attentive, be clear, be immersed in it. ‘Take Care’ worked.” Drake concluded.

And he sure took care of this record, one that is set to be a smash-hit on the Billboards, and one that will find a big place in all of his fans’ hearts. The Toronto rapper made sure he took care of his fans, with a production that was no less than quality and masterful; an ode to the city that’s been his backbone from the very beginning of his rise to fame.

Released under Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records, the 18-song record explores exceptional lyrics and gratifying production, song by song. Features from Rihanna, Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Stevie Wonder, Nicki Minaj, and Toronto’s very own The Weeknd, justify a star-studded cast that delivers a successful clash of sound. ‘Crew Love’, the collaboration with Abel Tesfaye of the Weeknd, created major buzz, and was an instant fan favourite; a track that quickly became an OVOXO anthem, exemplifying the talent that the city of Toronto has produced.

In the rap game, very seldom will you find a flawless album. Very rarely will you find a rapper that absolutely tears it up, song by song, and delivers a record that you can walk away from feeling no less than content. Though Take Care was taken care of with meticulous detail, the complexity of his rhymes were not justifiable as a whole to all the Drake nay-sayers. A classic album is one that explores the “undone”, and brings something new to the game. To say the album was a success is certain, but to label it a classic is premature. Drake spoke to a generation, often times about matters that have already been explored and mastered. Important issues were addressed, sure, but they’ve been addressed time and time again.

It’s no secret that Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham birthed a record that will be applauded and honoured worldwide, but the classification of the record as a “classic” is yet to be achieved. He isn’t “Doing It Wrong” so to speak, but it’s going to take a new leap forward in the rap game to “Make Me Proud”. “Lord Knows” when that will be, but until then, Take Care.