Dw by Kanye West Unveiled to Criticism

The man known to perfect his craft to maddening degrees has taken an irreversible step into the world of clothing design and creation. Following the collapse of his unreleased eccelecctic line, “Pastelle”, Kanye West finally rolled into Paris’ famed Fashion Week without his usual spectator status. West’s “Dw” women’s wear line worked the all white runway of Paris’ Lycée Henri IV on October 1st. With great anticipation, many important fashion icons anxiously awaited the creations of a man whose style, Balmain leather pants and fire red suits, has taken the entertainment world to a newer, more experimental level since first donning his career highlighting “Rosewood” aesthetic.

Holding to the mantra from his second studio release, Late Registration, Kanye’s debut show began 45 minutes late. His new collection, ill-fitted on the runway models, was strongly influenced by the designers with which he has spent so much time: “you could imagine Mr. West sampling fashion like he samples different styles of music.” Inspired leathers and visible zippers from Balmain and darker hued inspirations from Marc Jacobs of Louis Vuitton. Deemed almost unwearable, although Ciara didn’t seem to think so, Kanye came under criticism from The New York Times for poorly fitted clothing, having flown in some models only a day before the show. Another oddity for the first timer was the type of clothing being modeled. Serving as a ground for showcasing Spring/Summer 2012 collections, West chose to fit his models in Fall colours and styles. All in a days work for the newest musician turned designer.

Far from chastising West from the fashion world after his first attempt to break through, editors and designers alike chose to look at “Dw” as a tool for growth. Former French Vogue Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld added, “I’m sure he knows what he did wrong and what he did right,” clearly noting the shortcomings of the line. Editors, designers and writers meeting his designs with a flurry of constructive criticism has Kanye simply asking for patience. He did not stomp into the fashion world demanding to be respected for his status as a celebrity, he has initiated conversation and brainstorming and befriended the fashion world to help him grow: “This is my first collection. Please be easy… I can only grow from this point.” Clearly, Kanye’s future fashion vision for himself isn’t selling a boot-cut jean at Macy’s, it’s ambitiously pursuing respect and success in the high fashion world; something that takes years to perfect and has only just begun.

Mr. West isn’t about to take celebrity designer escape route to excuse his shaky debut at Paris Fashion week: “The biggest conversation I hope I can end tonight is whole ‘celebrity designer’ thing.” As designed Jeremy Scott said, “Kanye has impeccable taste and you can see his taste level is up there.” His first exhibit hit and then missed, but ambition and determination are what personify the works of Kanye West. However ill-fitted, out of season or unwearable “Dw” may have been, it exists; a passionate dedication to his late mother, Donda West.

In the greater scheme of West’s fashion development, the completion of a collection by Kanye shows that a line is in the works; a brand from which future designs will be released. Aiming for the simplicity of identifying a brand by its creator, Virgil Abloh, Kanye’s Creative Director, has provided credible insight into a possible name of Kanye’s clothing line through social media. Simply, “Kanye West.” A name that holds great simplicity and will ultimately allow room for the dynamic persona that is Kanye West to change stylistically without the name of the brand losing touch with its designing. For an artist who aims to be in perpetual change and a brand that needs to represent this, it makes simple and concise sense. Kanye West.