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The Bullitts - They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories

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Release Date: 2013


1. They Die By Dawn ft. Yasiin Bey, Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu
2. Murder, Death, Kill ft. Jay Electronica
3. Landspeeder
4. Close Your Eyes ft. Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu
5. Everything Is Broken
6. Strange Days
7. Supercool
8. Stay Runaway
9. World Inside Your Rainbow
10. The Wild Things
11. Bouquet of Barbed Wire
12. Wait Until Tomorrow ft. Tori Amos

Album Info:

Guest appearances by Jay Electronica, Mos Def, Tori Amos and more
Album narrated by Lucy Liu & Idris Elba



"Jeymes Samuels links his laptop to a pair of speakers taller than he is and plays us half of the album. In front of us the air ripples as tracks like ‘They Die By Dawn’, ‘Wait Until Tomorrow’, ‘Murder Death Kill’, ‘Strange Days’ and ‘Supercool’ snake from the sound-system. The music, in truth, is astonishing. It’s a sound that melds the best of Outkast, TV On The Radio and Prince. Samuel and his manager air-play every instrument as we listen, from the Spanish spaghetti-western riffs to the punky stabs of Clash-esque guitars, to the warm soft brass and the meandering folk."

Indeed, once he had the ‘idea’ of The Bullitts – Amelia’s story and his plan of communicating it through all the different mediums – he wanted to assemble a cast around him to fulfil his panoramic ambition. Enter Lucy Lui (yes, the machete-wielding femme fatale who starred in Kill Bill and Charlie’s Angels), Jay Electronica (heralded by many as the most exciting new talent in hip-hop), Idris Alba (the brooding English actor-turned-megastar thanks to The Wire and American Gangster), Tori Amos (the 90s warped-pop banshee who does not do collaborations), Roisin Murphy (from post Brit Pop nu disco types Moloko) and Mos Def (we all know Mos Def). There’s even speculative murmurs of Jay-Z singing, yes singing(!), on the album.

Something different is happening here, though. These artists are not ringers in the same way a Mark Ronson or Dangermouse might round up an album of cold-call collaborations. These are fully paid-up, active members of The Bullitts ‘concept’. Jeymes Samuels’ Fantastic Seven.

“For the live aspect I’m bringing out every gun in the arsenal,” he says, “even if I have to handcuff them myself. Tori Amos, Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Lucy Liu, Idris Alba – I’m bringing out everyone, but I’m going to take it further. I’m also bringing scenes to the streets. There will be little codes where I’ll say, ‘Amelia Sparks is going to be meeting Mos Def at this particular place’. I’m going to bring that live aspect to life so that people experience The Bullitts.”

That means the final scenes of the story – timed to coincide with the release of the album – may take place on the streets of London and New York (where it’s set).

The only hint into the future of all this is that we know by the time ‘They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories’ arrives this autumn, Amelia Sparks will be on death row. So, does The Bullitts project end with her meeting her own gruesome destiny?"


Zelalem Fiker

That new single is dope

both singles are released in the UK but not the US
the album is looking like a UK release first

is landspeeder brand new?

so pumped for this though



can you list all the members in the group other then Jeymes Samuel
i saw somewhere that it is a duo thats all i know

The new single>>>>>>>>>
was wondering if there was a thread for this.  So far what I hear... The Bullitts FTW.

Very dope, Landspeeder is incredible

Great info on the album and I think what we are in store for with act2. From BBC

By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter
The Bullitts, as a 'collaborative' project are visually represented by their logo
When Jeymes Samuel, aka The Bullitts fixes your stare, you know he means what he says.
"With me, when I have an idea," he says slowly, looking from deep behind a pair of sunglasses. "I have to execute it."
It's not just his infectious personal skills which makes you believe him.
Look at the evidence: Since the Londoner decided to set out on his own project after collaborating with the likes of Gorillaz and producing KT Tunstall he's gone about something very special. More than special. Dare we say it, genre-busting.
'Movie' project
The Bullitts isn't just a guest-heavy pop album a la Mark Ronson, it's a full-blown illustrated interactive story, turned album, turned film.
Continue reading the main story
WHAT: One man creative hip hop project and friend of the stars

FOR FANS OF: Gorillaz, De la Soul, Jay-Z, Kanye West

DOWNLOAD: Close Your Eyes

LIVE: Playing London in July

The Bullits
"It's like a 5D movie. You can read it, listen to it, watch it," says Samuel, attempting to explain.
At the root of The Bullitt's first project is a story. It's the tale of fictional character Amelia Sparks (played by actress Lucy Liu), a murderer on the run.
All aspects of the project will unfold over the coming months.
But for the moment, fans can hear the first single Close Your Eyes out in April. The characters in the story are also making short films and keeping daily Twitter diaries.
It's a process which has thrown some unlikely collaborators together.
"When I think of Lucy Liu I think of a sword-wielding femme fatale," he says.
"When I think of Jay Electronica (the rapper also guests) I think of the dopest MC on the planet.
"As far as I'm concerned why can't they be on the same joint? Why can't they occupy the same sonic space?"
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I want to collaborate with Ronnie Corbett - a 100%. I think he's the illest story teller on the planet

Jeymes Samuel, The Bullitts
It's that kind of open door possibility that's landed guests spots on the album - called They Die By Dawn And Other Short Stories, out at the end of the summer - from Tori Amos, Mos Def and some other guests he's yet to reveal.
He's after one unlikely collaborator already: "I want to collaborate with Ronnie Corbett - 100%. I think he's the illest story teller on the planet," he booms.
"Imagine Ronnie Corbett in a YouTube clip reading off a Jay Electronica verse."
Playing live
Best thing is, he's not even joking.
"One of the dope things about The Bullitts. Whether you're an actress, singer, painter - whatever your field - somewhere I can utilise it in the story.
"The possibilities are endless."
For the moment, as confusing as some of the aspects of The Bullitts sound, all will be unveiled and unravelled. Samuel will also gather his gang and take it on stage.
"There's talk of us doing the iTunes festival in late July," he says with the enthusiasm of a man who's only limits are those of his own imagination.
"I cannot wait to unleash the live aspect."



So is this still coming out in June? In the UK at least?

Dante Terrell Smith
don't make me a target

Any idea of a release date?
bitch mod

**** knows

they posted a link to a ustream channel they will do broadcasts on


they haven't done any yet

I think this Summer
:/ well at least it's still coming this summer.

two track titles off the album

Strange Days
Wait Until Tomorrow ft. Tori Amos

still being released this Summer


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