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Creepy/Paranormal Thread Part III

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]Black Mist of Casa Grande Mountain

While it seems somewhat harmless during the day, the desert can become a very scary place after dark. The hunting animals come out to seek and catch their prey. The rocky, uneven landscape becomes challenging to the experienced hiker. Outside the big cities, desert temperatures can decrease dramatically overnight. Such conditions seem to invoke all sorts of strange and inexplicable occurrences, one of which appears to be that of the unusual Black Mist said to hang around Casa Grande Mountain, located in the town of Casa Grande between Phoenix and Tucson.

Visitors to the park describe the mist as appearing at nighttime on the roads around the base of the mountain. Dark and ethereal, it follows anyone it discovers in the area. Stop and it will engulf you, plaguing you with terribly uneasy feelings.

Several theories try to explain what causes this phenomenon, though none quite fit the bill. The nearby Elsy Pearson shooting range could be the culprit, as older firearms tend to give off lots of smoke when discharged. Alternatively, the rural desert and the dusty nature of its flat and relatively treeless landscape could be the cause.

Because the area was originally home to the Hohokam Indians, some believe the mist is in some way related to the ancient civilization. After all, their complete and unexplained disappearance by about 1100 A.D. is just as big a mystery as the Black Mist itself. Plus, many of the tribe's ruins are still preserved in the area, including some whose purpose remains undetermined. Perhaps the Black Mist is linked somehow to an ancient practice whose effect lingers on.

These theories exist to try and explain what has yet to be understood by locals and by those who study the area. Yet, a shadowy, floating mist that reportedly has a mind of its own seems to defy logical explanations.

The stories of the Black Mist have been passed around for years, and they continue to be told not only for their entertainment value, but because of the notion the desert is a living and mysterious place that should be respected. It seems if the desert is not treated with reverence, it can be just as vicious as the animals that inhabit it.

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Dreamy Draw Dam

According to those "in the know," an alien craft rocketed through Earth's atmosphere in October of 1947, dove for the American Southwest, misjudged its landing, and made an unscheduled—and permanent—stop in lower Arizona. Apparently, the ship's pilots overestimated their altitude, encountered mechanical failure or simply fell into hyperspace hypnosis, and slammed headlong into the desert.

One version of the story has the craft plummeting into a landfill in Cave Creek, but the more popular account states that it ploughed into the sandy base of Squaw Peak, just outside downtown Phoenix.

What's more, two four-and-a-half-foot creatures were reportedly recovered from the wreckage, held briefly in cold storage inside a local screwball's deep-freeze, then promptly collected by the men in dark sunglasses. After the pair of extraterrestrials was retrieved, the government, in typical fashion, covered the whole thing up…with infrastructure.

Dreamy Draw Dam, which is viewable from East Northern Avenue as you enter Dreamy Draw Recreation Area, was supposedly built on the site of the alien crash in order to conceal the wreckage. Rather than trying to smuggle the vessel out, the Army Corps of Engineers simply hauled building material in and heaped it on top of the craft. According to UFOlogists, the dam is entirely unnecessary in its location and exists solely to conceal the extraterrestrial debris.

Why not load the spacecraft into the back of a semi and transfer it to a secret lab somewhere? The military already had one just like it, of course, which was dropped in their laps three months earlier outside Roswell, New Mexico, and secreted to Area 51. (Dreamy Draw Dam, by the way, lies immediately to the south of Highway 51—coincidence?)

Accounts of the episode are difficult to come by, but if they weren't, the men in dark sunglasses weren't doing their job. Even maps of the recreation area that illustrate that the dam's location is hard to dig up, not to mention signs of any kind in the park with the word "dam" on them. You will, however, find plenty of "no trespassing" signs threatening fines and imprisonment. But, of course, you don't hide a spaceship by inviting everyone to see where it's buried.

The real kicker, though, is that Maricopa County is adamant in its claim that the dam wasn't built until 1973. Obviously, the conspiracy runs deep!

The Hum Beneath the Dam

I was wondering if you had heard anything about a place called the Dreamy Draw Recreation Area.  I drive by it every day on the way to and from school.  It's in Phoenix off the SR 51 and Northern Ave. The place has kind of a funny name, so I searched on Google to try and learn about it.  Boy was I in for a surprise!

There is a wild rumor that the Dreamy Draw recreation area was the site of a UFO crash in October of 1948, approximately 3 months after the famous "Roswell crash." The story goes that locals recovered a pair of 4.5-foot tall carcasses from the spacecraft, which were stored in a local man's freezer until the authorities could arrive.

The government supposedly took over the investigation, and later built the Dreamy Draw Dam on top of the crash site. Some speculate that it was not needed for flood control purposes at all.  Do I believe the story? Not entirely. But is it weird?  Hell yeah!

So I went to check this place out after school. It's Monday afternoon, hardly anybody is around. I'm pedaling around on my bike and I find the dam. It's fenced off pretty well and there are LOTS of No Trespassing signs everywhere. Pretty high security for an earthen dam with no water behind it!

I take some pictures, look around, and I see the outfall of the dam buried in the bushes. I ride around to the other side and hike down into the low area. There's a large concrete box with a fence on 3 sides. As I am getting down towards the bottom, I hear this steady, low-pitched humming noise. I can't figure out what it is! Is there really a UFO buried beneath this thing? As I glance around to see if anyone's watching, a plane crosses the sky.

The place is not TOO far from the airport, but it's still close enough to hear jets taking off. That's probably what I heard. But I got some pictures if you'd like to see what I'm talking about.

The lesson is that you'll never realize how much weird stuff is out there until you start looking!
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Mysterious “Charman” Roams Creek Road, Ojai Valley

According to one locally-published book, the Ojai is “California’s Most Haunted Valley.”1 Situated a few scenic miles above the Pacific shoreline, the fictional childhood home of Jamie Sommers (the Bionic Woman of the mid-seventies TV show) is just far enough from the bustle of Los Angeles to make the area seem like any other small valley town. There are, however enough halloween-caliber stories here to keep any tour company busy throughout the year: the ghost of a world-famous spiritual leader, a bridge haunted by a burn victim, an update on the headless horseman story, and even a vampire.

Jiddu Krishnamurti dashed off a book called At The Feet Of The Master at the tender age of 12. In 1926, when he was 31, he was escorted to New York in fine style by Annie Besant, one of the founders of Theosophy. Besant considered the diminutive, nattily dressed Indian (who was born into the high Brahmin caste) to be nothing less than the 20th century’s world savior. In 1922, while sitting under a pepper tree near Ojai, he had a spiritual epiphany, and his connection to the area was cemented. By 1929, the Theosophists had given up on him, and Krishnamurti went his own way after the amicable “divorce.” He spelled out his reasons for doing so: “I have learned that each of us must do his own thinking…you cannot organize a system of truth; neither can you or I set up a religious standard for another.” After an exhaustive life of lecturing and world tours, in 1969 the non-affiliated Krishnamurti retired to the Ojai Valley and organized a foundation of religious studies called, strangely enough, the Krishnamurti Foundation of America. He somehow felt at home in Ojai, and returned from a trip to India to die here in 1986. In the mid-1990s, at least one witness claims that he saw the great spiritual leader walk out of his home and stroll though the garden, wearing his ubiquitous straw hat.

Other specters of the valley are less sanguine. Possibly the most famous ghost in town is known as “Charman.” The grotesque spirit wasn’t the victim of some horrible barbeque accident, but accounts seem to differ on whether he perished in a great brushfire in 1948, a downed plane, or a car crash. Stories about the figure, its skin hanging in cooked strips from its skull and reeking of burning flesh, have been told in the valley since the early 1960s. The apparition has been sighted numerous times near or on the Creek Road bridge, a few miles south of town near Camp Comfort County park. He is said to startle anyone who dares to walk the road at night, and reportedly tore the leather jacket off of one terrified witness in the 1950s.

One story, probably one of hundreds told around late night campfires, says that Charman is the ghost of a man who was hiking back to his stalled car with a full can of gasoline late at night. Some of the gas spilled on his clothes, and for some reason, he made the fateful decision to light up a cigarette, turning him into a human torch. Most accounts though, center around the big fire, and a homesteader who was unable to save his wife or family in the conflagration. The fact that the stories started to bloom just as the baby-boom generation was reaching high school age may also have something to do with its popularity—replacing the old “killer with the hook” story.

Another popular tale (which seems to be a local version the headless horseman) concerns the ghost of a headless motorcyclist. In the 1950s, a man was who was trying to pass a truck on the narrow mountain turns of Creek Road was decapitated by a wayward steel beam which became dislodged from

the truck bed. The incident happened with such suddenness that the motorcycle continued on, passing the startled driver, who promptly had a heart attack and crashed in a ravine. The cyclist’s ghost still rides at night, looking for his lost head. Since the Ojai was mostly settled in the 20th century, it makes sense to exchange a flesh-and-blood horse for a metal one, and some researchers swear by the tale.

Joining Charman and the unlucky biker along the lonely stretch of road are a phantom hitchhiker, and numerous reported anthropomorphic mists and shadows. One late-night motorist even claimed to have seen Bigfoot around the area where Creek Road exits highway 33. A simple late-night drive on this twisting road, lined with gnarled oak trees, is enough to spontaneously generate spook tales.

In light of all this, perhaps it is not so strange that the Ojai Valley is also home to a vampire legend. Sometime in the 1890s, so the story goes, a strange visitor arrived from Europe and promptly bought a ranch near, where else, Creek Road. When cattle and then people started turning up drained of blood, settlers started to wonder about their new neighbor, who didn’t seem to come calling in the daylight hours. Armed with the requisite crosses, holy water, and wooden stake, they crept up on the creature, lying in a stone sarcophagus under an oak tree. A huge black dog tried to stop them, but the holy water sent the grotesque beast howling away in pain. Opening the heavy stone lid, the posse quickly drove the stake home and sprinkled some holy water from the local mission in for good measure. “And the vampire has not troubled the residents of the peaceful Ojai Valley since.” No one seems to know where the casket is, but that shouldn’t keep the adventurous away.
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Lake Okeechobee’s Watery Graves -- probably a repeat

Lake Okeechobee covers 730 square miles of South Florida and parts of five counties making it the second largest body of fresh water within the borders of the United States. Prior to 1545, Calusa Indians called the great lake “Mayaimi” which is probably where Miami gets its name. In 1564, two shipwrecked Spanish sailors referred to it as “Sarrope” while in other accounts it is identified as “Lake Mayacco” or “Laguna del Esperita Santo.” In recent history it has been known as Lake Okeechobee, a fitting Seminole word meaning “big water.”
Lake Okeechobee has not been immune to strange stories or unusual claims and has had its share of tales about ghosts, lost treasures, and even monsters. In 1956, a pilot flying over the northern end of the lake reported seeing giant dinosaur tracks in the mud. Most of these weird accounts have been dismissed as just folk yarns. As for the dinosaur tracks, they turned out to be tracks left by dredging machines. However, Lake Okeechobee has one unexplained mystery, with good physical evidence, that has baffled both scientists and local folks for many years. It’s the secret of the Okeechobee bones.

Prior to 1910, early pioneers reported seeing human skeletons in the shallows around the southern end of the huge lake. Several old fishermen told of “catchin’ human skulls” in their nets. One early settler claimed that there were so many skulls in the shallows that “During low water it looked like a pumpkin patch.” A surveyor clearing land on Grassy Island in the early 1900s, exposed more than fifty human skeletons that were covered only with a couple of inches of sand. This was not a case of dry land burials, as Grassy Island is not a natural island, it was originally lake bottom that was exposed when water levels were lowered by drainage canals. Willis Crosby used to “catfish” in Okeechobee and shared his story with me about finding a half dozen human skulls in 1953 just lying in the mud on Observation Island. “There were a bunch of other bones scattered all over the bottom, I guess they were human,” he recounted. “Everybody said they were Indian bones, it was pretty much common sight when the water was down.” All accounts of finding human bones come from the area extending from Kreamer Island to Observation Island and the several square miles in-between the mainland.

In 1918, the water level dropped to an all-time low revealing hundreds of human remains wedged in the silt along the north sides of Ritta and Kreamer Islands. There seemed to be no order to these skeletons. Bones of both adults and children were scattered all over the lake bottom. The first theory that comes to mind is that these were victims of one of Okeechobee’s terrible hurricanes. If so, then it would have been an ancient hurricane, because the 2000 dead from the 1926 and ’28 hurricanes were recovered and buried in mass graves on the mainland. Prior to 1900, only a few people lived around Lake Okeechobee, which would rule out any mass casualties from floods or storms and certainly not enough to account for the estimated thousands of mysterious bodies on Okeechobee’s bottom.

Some researchers have looked to the Seminole war for answers to this mystery. However, the only local skirmish was the 1837 Battle of Okeechobee on the north end of the lake, which resulted in only thirty dead. Historians have found no early Spanish connections to the mystery and believe that the bones may pre-date the first Spanish period by thousands of years. Some speculate the skeletons may have been residents of an ancient Indian village devastated by tribal warfare or disease. This would certainly account for the presence of both adult and children’s remains. But if this is the case, then what explains the total absence of artifacts and pottery?

In my conversations with anthropologists and historians, it seems that no one can really explain what the bones are doing in Lake Okeechobee although some think it is a huge underwater burial site. Perhaps the big lake was seen as a spiritual place by some ancient culture and a good place to bury the dead. In 1997, I asked archeologist Dr. Warren Browning about this possibility and learned that some aboriginal burials were done underwater with the bodies anchored to the bottom of lakes. Still, this does not explain why so much skeletal material is scattered over such a wide area in no apparent order or why there are no artifacts associated with these bones.

According to one legend, in February 1841, two-hundred Seminoles, rather than to be captured by the army, committed mass suicide. Allegedly, these people “slit their own throats and flung themselves into the water where their bodies disappeared into the glades water.” I don’t know if this has any connection to the bones in the lake, plus I’ve found no historical records to support this story. However, the story goes on to say that a medicine man put a hex on the area, which has since been known as the “Curse of the Everglades.” A story appeared in a supermarket tabloid a few years ago that claimed the curse was responsible for two major aircraft crashes in the area, the 1972 Tristar Flight 401 tragedy and the 1996 Flight 592 crash. The Seminole Tribe of Florida responded that the tabloid had tried to create a myth and the story was “Ho-lash-ko-an.” If my Seminole translation is correct, I believe that means something like “a bunch of hogwash.”

There have been many wild speculations about Lake Okeechobee’s skeletons. Maybe they are the remains of a mythical lost tribe like mentioned in various religious chronicles. With the Florida peninsula extending so far south into the ocean, it is reasonable to think that ancient seafarers must have bumped into it at some time. Perhaps the skeletons belonged to refugees escaping from Atlantis or aliens from outer space. Until someone arrives with a good explanation for this ancient mystery of death, the secret will remain guarded by the big waters of Lake Okeechobee.

Travis Walton's Alien Abduction (A repeat, but a good one)
The Gray Highway

It was just past 6 o'clock as Travis Walton and his six fellow log cutters finished off a long day of thinning undergrowth in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The sun had set and darkness was falling quickly, as it tends to do among the tall pines along the Mogollon Rim. With it, an increasing November chill was coming over the men and they anxiously piled into their truck to head for home.

It would be at least an hour before they reached Heber to the north, so the men settled into their seats as best they could for the jarring drive up the forest's uneven dirt roads. The smokers in the group hastily lit the first cigarettes they'd had in hours. Walton, one of the only two nonsmokers on the crew, sat up front in the passenger's seat enjoying the fresh, cool air and watching the pines pass by.

Heading up toward Mogollon Rim Road, Walton soon noticed something shining among the branches off to the right. The others saw it, too, and the chatter from the back seat fell quiet. The spaces between the trees flashed by too quickly to make out what the object was, but a clearing up ahead revealed a yellowish glow that washed across the road in front of them. The driver sped up to get a closer look.

When they reached the clearing, the men were astonished by what they saw. Less than a hundred feet from the edge of the road, a glowing disk hung in the air, floating motionless between the trees, only 15 feet off the ground. The truck slammed to a halt and Walton opened his door to get a better look. There was no sound, save for a startled cry from one of the cutters: "My God! It's a flying saucer!"

As he recounts in his book Fire in the Sky, Travis Walton then stepped out of the cab and walked toward the object. The others begged him to get back in the truck, but he felt compelled to get a close-up look. He approached the craft cautiously, glancing back to the truck now and then as his friends continued to plead with him. Coming within six feet of the craft, Walton stopped and stared up at its glowing underside.

Suddenly, the silence along that dark, isolated road gave way to what Walton would later describe as the thunderous swell of a turbine engine. That's when a narrow beam of light fired from the bottom of the disc and struck Walton in the chest. It lifted him up, then knocked him to the ground like a thunderbolt. In a panic, the rest of the crew sped away toward the main road, terrified.

When the men regained their senses, they returned to the clearing to rescue their friend. Unfortunately, the craft was gone and so was Walton. Despite a thorough search of the area, they could find no trace of him and were forced to drive home, one crewmember short. When they reported what happened, the authorities discounted the men's tale as a ridiculous attempt to cover up a murder and launched an extensive search for Walton's body. They searched for several days and found nothing. Walton reappeared outside Heber five days later and corroborated their story, with the addition of what happened aboard the spacecraft.

Walton's story, considered the best documented, or at least the most publicized, close encounter ever recorded, details the bizarre events that took place following his abduction on November 5, 1975,

including a frightening brush with large-eyed, pale-skinned creatures and his attempted escape inside the alien spacecraft. It’s a story that's debated even today, despite the unusual number of eyewitnesses to the initial events and the fact that those witnesses have never strayed from their accounts in more than 30 years.

The precise location of the abduction is known to very few, but details from Fire in the Sky lead to a fairly accurate position. South of Heber, the crew followed Mogollon Rim Road about a mile east of Forest Road 87, where they turned north to an area known as Turkey Springs. It was somewhere along this road that the crew allegedly encountered the UFO.

I just watched this a few days ago, great movie!! great quality filming and special effects for its time, especially the ending!!
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Bloody Bucket Road

Bloody Bucket Road isn’t the real name of this sinister road in Wauchula, but that’s what everybody calls it because of allegations of what happened there many years ago. There is also a bridge called Bloody Bucket Bridge that is connected to the story of this road, but whether or not any of the legend is factual or fiction is hard to determine.This paved road runs south off of Main Street in Wauchula and in the daytime doesn’t really look all that threatening, but drive farther down this road and cross the bridge and things start looking a little different, at least in the moonlight.
If you keep going you will eventually come out on Route 64 that runs between Zolfo Springs and Avon Park. The road was once a dirt road called Rhinehardt or Reinhart Pass Road, and is said to be a hundred years old, which is a fact since it can be found on pre-1900 old maps. Now you have the facts, but the rest of the story comes from locals who profess to have some knowledge about how the road got its creepy name.

Many years ago an ex-slave woman came down from Georgia with her husband and settled in Wauchula. She served as the midwife for the community and allegedly had delivered several hundred babies. Being concerned that some families already had too many children to feed, the woman decided to help out by eliminating a few right after birth. She would smother the babies and take them down to the bridge and bury them in the woods along the river. People became suspicious after so many babies had died while being delivered by her. Some said that she was deranged because she could not have children of her own or that her children had been taken from her while she was a slave.

After people refused to allow her to deliver any more babies the woman went crazy. Then the souls of the babies came back to haunt her. It is claimed that she could sit beside a bucket and it would fill with the blood of all the infants she had killed. She would empty the bucket and it would fill with blood again. She wore herself out carrying the blood filled buckets to the bridge where she would empty them in the river. One day while emptying a bloody bucket in the river, the old woman fell in and drowned. For several days following her demise the river ran red with blood. That is how the bridge became Bloody Bucket Bridge and I suppose the name carried-over to the road.

How much of the story is true is hard to determine, however there is some evidence that it might have been promoted in a Halloween story by an amateur writer in Wauchula. Whether the writer made-up the story or used an existing yarn is not known, but it certainly created momentum for a legend.
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The Evil Black Hound

The old Newgate Prison harbors one of London’s most terrifying apparitions, that of an evil black hound. The legend dates back to the reign of Henry III, during a period of extreme famine, where prisoners were alleged to have gorged upon one another to survive! One of these victims was said to have been a sorcerer of the darkest arts, who claimed near death that he would seek revenge on the inmates. A fascinating account originates from the pen of a Luke Hutton, who was an inmate in the 1500s, and hanged in 1598. This oft-repeated version of the beast comes from 1638, entitled 'The Discovery of a London Monster' and reads as follows:

I maintained that I had read an old Chronicle that it was a walking spirit in the likeness of a blacke dog, gliding up and down the streets a little before the time of Execution, and in the night whilst Sessions continued, and his beginning thus.

In the raigne of King Henry the third there happened such a famine through England, but especially in London, that many starved for want of food, by which meanes the Prisioners in Newgate eat up one another altue, but commonly those that came newly in..there was a certain scholar brought tither, upon suspicion of Conjuring, and that he by Charmes and devilish Whitchcrafts, had done much hurt to the kings subjects, which Scholler, mauger his Devil Furies, Spirits and Goblins, was by the famished prisoners eaten up…

With vengeance promised by the prey: …nightly to see the Scholler in the shape of a black Dog walking up and downe the Prison, ready with ravening Jawes to teare out their bowles; for his late human flesh they had so hungerly eaten, and withal they hourely heard (as they thought) strange groanes and cries, as if it had been some creature in great paine and torments, whereupin such a nightly feare grew amongst them, that it turned into a Frenzie, and from a Frenzie to Desperation, in which desperation they killed the keeper, and so many of them escaped forth, but yet whither soever they came or went they imagined a Blacke Dog to follow, and by this means, as I doe thinke, the name of him began.
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The Highbury Hunchback

Mr Stock moved into his home in Highbury during 1849. Although the door number was 13, Mr Stock was not prone to superstition. And the overhanging trees and overgrown garden also did not deter Mr Stock. The rent was cheap, and that was the main thing.

Mr Stock employed a housekeeper, a Mrs Brown. Their first night at the property was a little strange, because as Mr Stock retired to bed, on passing a window he noticed not only his own reflection, but one of a very ugly, almost hideous looking man. Again though, Mr Stock had more important things on his tired mind. The following night whilst reading a magazine in bed Mr Stock dozed off but suddenly awoke. In the glow of the candle he noticed an old woman at the far end of the room. Eerily, the door began to open and the haggard figure slinked out the exit. Mr Stock’s yell alarmed Mrs Brown who comforted him but told him it was just a dream.

Two weeks went by without event, until that night he returned home from the theatre. With candle in hand Stock crept wearily upstairs. Staring once again, possibly by habit now, at the window, Stock noticed in the reflection that someone was following him up the stairs. Turning round he saw a terrifying apparition. A ghastly, wretched face almost obscured by a head of wild, shaggy hair. The figure had a hunched back, and its face was illuminated by some unnatural light. The sinister ghoul clutched a table knife in one dirty paw, and slowly ascended the stairs, step by step, towards the cowering Mr Stock.

Bizarrely, as the figure came closer, Stock realised that the monstrous spectre was completely oblivious to his presence, gliding by him on the stairwell and heading towards Stock’s bedroom. Stock, almost frozen with fear, found the strength and courage to follow the intruder. The beast reached the door, turned the door handle slowly and entered. Stock peered over the shoulder of the wraith at a distance, just in case the hunchback suddenly became aware of Stock, who clearly at this point was not on the same astral plateau.

Stock then saw the elderly woman he’d seen in the ‘dream’. She looked petrified as the hunchback leered with menace and approached her. Suddenly, the door slammed shut by the force of the wind. Stock reached for the handle, desperate to free himself from the horror about to unfold. However, when he quickly glanced back at the room, there was no terrified woman, and there was no evil hunchback. Stock ran downstairs and spent the remainder of the dark hours with gaslight in full flow.

Shortly after, Stock was brave enough to search the house but found no other presence or sign that anyone had been there. However, he did find that many years ago the house had been inhabited by a woman and her rather deformed son. Rumour had it that the woman left home and allegedly died abroad and the hunchback stayed in the house, never venturing in to daylight. Local word said that the reclusive figure then mysteriously vanished.
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1989 Voronezh, Russia: Alien Creature Opens Fire on Teens

One of the most disturbing and certainly interesting stories of alien visitors is also one of the most under-reported today.  The Voronezh visitors appeared not only in a crowded par in front of dozens of witnesses, but displayed a peculiar but very specific type of technology.  They also opened fire on witnesses with a mysterious ray gun that caused at least one teen to vaporize instantly - only to return moments later in front of his friends.  To this day the incident is often swept under the rug, but the witnesses to the events that unfolded that day reportedly are still haunted by the terror they felt that cold day in September.

Contrary to popular belief, the incident did not actually begin on September 27th necessarily, but rather began with a series of mysterious unidentified flying objects which were reported through the skies just before the incident occurred.  As witnesses began excitedly telling one another of the mysterious objects spotted in the city of approximately 800,000.  As the incident was unfolding only 300 miles from Moscow, it quickly gained the attention of the Kremlin newspaper TASS.  But TASS instead sat on the reports as they did not fit with what they normally reported.

Then the 27th happened.  A group of teenagers and school children were playing at approximately 6:30 in the afternoon when a strange object slowly and silently descended on a clearing nearby.  As the crowd of dozens were attracted by the sudden appearance of something so out of place, the hatch beneath the mysterious hovering object opened.  What they saw would haunt the witnesses for the rest of their lives.

A creature stood with a short domed head topped by three glowing eyes that stared down at the area beneath the craft it was residing in.  The creature was enormous, and according to witnesses could not have been smaller than 9 feet tall.

The creature eventually emerged from the craft along with two others and a strange robotic companion with a series of buttons on its front allowing it to spring to life and begin studying the area.

Soil samples were taken and the creature the witnesses took to be the leader projected a holographic series of triangles around the area that presumably indicated places to study or scan.  As the creatures each went on with their work, one of the teens was overwhelmed with terror and screamed.  The leader immediately set one of his eyes on the frightened youth and he was frozen as if in suspended animation.

As they finished their work, the creatures suddenly vanished from sight only to return with what some described as a "pistol" and vaporized one of the nearby teens in a beam of light.  As the creatures returned to their ship the teen reappeared and fled the scene.

The craft quickly took off and finally vanished into the air as the frightened youths struggled to make any sense out of what they had seen.  Tass, the Soviet Newspaper decided it was finally time to reveal to the world that something unusual was going on in the USSR.

And that's not where the strangeness ends with the case.  Cave paintings unearthed later in Australia depict three eyed humanoids of the exact description given by the witnesses of the Voronezh incident so well that it has left researchers wondering if the two incidents could somehow be linked.
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The Tortured Ghost of Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is one of the most mysterious and feared figures in the history of London.  Though his final identity was never confirmed, there are hundreds of theories surrounding this shadowy murderer.  But as some have suggested, if you wish to learn the identity of the terrifying serial killer that finally ended his reign in 1891, you may be able to catch a glimpse of him on December 31st, when he jumps off the Westminster Bridge - every year.

The name Jack the Ripper was first given to the culprit of a series of murders after rumors that the series of deaths throughout the Whitechapel Area may have been connected - and the unusually brutal manner in which the victims were killed was linked from one to another.  The first few victims, often referred to as the "canonical five" were linked by newspaper reports and the wildly popular "penny dreadfuls" outlining the murders in the most sensational way available at the time - even including rumors at the time that Jack the Ripper could be inhuman.

But these events gradually went away altogether, though they were soon followed by a series of what are believed to be "copycat murders" which lasted after 1891, but didn't fit the modus operandi of the now infamous "Jack."  The case was left unsolved, but London would never finally see justice in the case of Jack the Ripper.  Years passed, and the mythology of the Ripper eventually outweighed the individual incidents themselves in the eyes of the public.

But there was another legend that served as a sort of epitaph of the original Ripper lore.  It was said that on December 31st as Big Ben tolled its last few notes of the year and the echoing sound could be heard throughout the city streets and down the Westminster bridge you could see a figure torn in despair as he stumbled down as if a remnant left of the old year.  And finally amid the new year's celebrations the cloaked ghost would be largely unseen except by a select few as he jumped from the bridge into the river.  This ghost, as the legend goes, belongs to the never truly identified Jack the Ripper.

While it seems reasonable Jack may be so overwhelmed by guilt over his murders, some have speculated that it may actually be some other equally mysterious factor that tortures his soul to this day.  Some have said the ripper was interested in the transition from the 19th to 20th centuries, but this is partially due to a quote that was erroneously attributed to him in the book "From Hell" and later the film of the same name.  The reality of it is the ripper didn't make many mentions of the transition from one year to the next, nor did he give any indications that he would be taking a dive off the Westminster Bridge.  How can those who see the ghost positively identify him as the ripper?  Those who have seen him say there's no mistaking it - there falls the tortured ghost of Jack the Ripper.
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The Orphan's Ghost

A case worker on the midnight shift of a detention center, once an orphanage, learns the dark secret of the building's tragic past -- and why a mischievous orphan's ghost still lingers

Buildings that have been the sites of great misery, anguish, trauma and sadness are often haunted by the spirits of people who suffered there. Unfortunately, to humanity's profound disgrace, in the 19th century orphanages were sometimes these kinds of horrible places, and the ghosts of children have been found to linger in surviving buildings. Mickey C. was a social worker in one of these former orphanages, where he encountered the spirit of a small boy. This is Mickey's story....

When I was 27 in 1981, I took a job in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts as a case manager in a maximum security juvenile detention center. The buildings on the grounds were built circa late 1800s as a state-run orphanage. The main building was used as administrative offices, chapel and class rooms. The buildings were abandoned in the late 1960s, then purchased in the late 1970s by the Robert F. Kennedy Action Corps, which renovated the main building as a detention center that housed teen offenders deemed too violent to be in conventional correctional institutions.

It was a large building, and all the windows were covered by heavy steel mesh screens to prevent cutting or prying. Every room was securely locked and needed a key. The rec room comprised half the second floor and had a vaulted ceiling with twelve windowed eves. Originally, it was the orphanage's chapel.


When I was hired, I was assigned as one of three night case managers or, basically, caretakers. One of our responsibilities was to vacuum the rec room. This was fine at first, but then I started getting an uncomfortable feeling while up there. I always had the sense that someone was watching me. I even could tell where this "person" was - in one of the window eves. When I would turn to look, it seemed that I just glimpsed someone ducking into the eve before I could see him clearly. I don't know why, but I sensed that it was a boy and that he was "playing" with me.

Then strange things began to happen. I would be vacuuming and the vacuum would just stop. Defective vacuum, right? It only did this in the rec room. I had to do hourly security checks, and as I was walking down the hall I could hear someone walking behind me, taking steps when I did and stopping when I did. I could sense sadness, but also the mischievousness of a kid.

I finally expressed these creepy feelings at one of the weekly staff meetings. Later, my supervisor took me aside and told me that when renovations were taking place, many weird things were reported. Lights would go out then come back on. The electronically locked cell doors would spring open. Footsteps without people were heard. They were all dismissed because it was an old building going through renovations.


My supervisor said she suspected something supernatural and did some research on the orphanage. She found that it was a terrible place where the kids were abused, mistreated and housed just for state funds. The kids were numbers, not names.

She also found out about a death there. A nine-year-old boy supposedly hung himself in the chapel - now the rec room where I had my strange experiences. My super asked me to show her where I felt this "person" I spoke of. I took her to one of the eves and told her that this is where I sensed the boy's presence. She said that this was the window where the boy supposedly hung himself.

After this, I wasn't fearful anymore. I started talking to him when I was up there. It actually seemed to get comfortable when I was there. My super warned, however, that she feared many spirits were in the building and that it was a bad choice for the Corps to house a detention center.

She was right.


One night I reported for my shift. Not to be melodramatic, but it was an eerie night. A thick fog had settled on the grounds. On report, I was told that it was a rough evening. The kids were agitated and very unsettled. One kid was in the "time out cell," which is a cell, empty and padded from floor to ceiling. She was restless and pacing. She kept murmuring incoherently and we couldn't settle her down.

One of the other kids was beating on her cell door, complaining that her room was full of big black bugs. During the midnight shift, we were not allowed to open the cell doors unless it was an emergency. But she kept insisting that big black bugs were everywhere in her room! Well, I hate bugs and would not want to be locked in a room with them. I got the other two workers and we followed procedure. We handcuffed her and backed her out of her room. The other two workers held her against the wall and I searched her room. I couldn't find any bugs. One of the other workers also searched and could not find any bugs. We put the kid back in her cell.

I kept checking on her because I felt bad. I sneaked her in a few candy bars and asked that she try to go to sleep, and she told me she would. At around 2:00 a.m. everyone finally settled down and went to sleep. The other two workers and I were sitting in the office and talking about how weird the night was. We just completed a cell check and everyone was asleep.


There was a secret stairway leading from the first floor lobby to the director's office. It was behind a wall, but we all knew about it. We started hearing someone walking up the stairs and banging on the door to the director's office. I went up the stairs and checked, but of course there was nothing. I unlocked the office and everything was fine in there. I went back to our office.

Suddenly, "someone" started banging on the mesh screens covering the windows. It came from everywhere! Boom! Boom! Boom! It was like someone was trying to rip the screens off the building. We all jumped up. I ran to the room of the girl who saw the bugs, my coworker ran to the time out room, and the other worker flash lighted the remaining cells... but everyone was sleeping.

Yet the booming continued and we couldn't figure out from where. I grabbed a spotlight and had one of the workers let me out of the building. As soon as I stepped outside, the booming stopped. I walked the perimeter of the building, but there was no one. The first floor of the building was actually one story up, so no one could have been banging on the screens from the outside without a ladder.

I don't know what happened that night. Eventually, I was put on day shift eventually and given a case load. Unfortunately, funding was lost after a year and the center eventually closed. The buildings are still there. The last I heard, which was over 15 years ago, Lowell State University bought the compound for dorms.
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The Possession of Joseph and Theolbald Bruner

Most cases of possession can ultimately be explained by medical and psychological causes, but in some cases there is no easy medical answer and the supernatural is the only reasonable answer.  The case of Joseph and Theobald Bruner was a a tragic one that baffled all the medical professionals of the time.   Their case is one of the most striking and violent cases of demonic possession ever recorded.  The records of the local priest say that the possession began when both boys began drawing pictures of devils and demons on the walls in their bedroom.  They would whisper to the demons at night and treat them as friends.   Shortly after, the boys began going through terrible physical contortions.  Their limbs would lock together in unnatural positions and they couldn't be unlocked.   They would arch their backs backward in impossible positions and speak in languages they had never heard.

The symptoms became worse with time and eventually their bodies would begin to bloat.   Shortly after the bloating, the boys would vomit a lovely mixture of foam, feathers, and seaweed.   They vomited all manner of things they had never eaten and many of the objects they vomited weren't even available at the house they lived in.  The boys were constantly covered in seaweed and feathers and vomit no matter how often they were cleaned. Their beds levitated and objects in the room around them were flung about inexplicably.  The boys also gained psychic abilities and were able to predict the deaths of people in the village.  The boys parents eventually sent the boys away for the exorcism ritual and spent the rest of their lives at the St. Charles Orphanage.  During their stay at the orphanage they told the nuns that they were "The Lord of Darkness."  It took four years to exorcise the boys, during which time they lived in constant torment

Even after the exorcism, there was no happy ending for the two cursed children.  One boy died shortly after the exorcism at the age of 16 and the other boy died at 25.   The case of the Bruner boys still baffles people to this day.   Assuming that the priests and witnesses weren't lying, no natural explanation for what happened to the Bruners has been found.  If their case wasn't an elaborate hoax perpetrated by an entire village, orphanage, and the clergy,  it is one of the most conclusive cases of possession.
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Lady Jane's Ghost

The Tower of London is haunted by a multitude of ghosts.   It is no surprise that the tower crawls with ghosts, since the suffering of legions waiting for death and torture occurred in this stone structure.   The ground is saturated with the blood of those who practiced the wrong faith or followed the wrong kings.   Lady Jane Grey is one of the many ghosts that walks the halls of  The Tower of London.  She is also one of the most tragic figures that wanders the tower.

Lady Jane Grey was a victim of  her plotting uncle.  He wanted to take the throne from Mary Tudor, the daughter of Henry VIII, before Mary succeeded the throne.  Lady Jane was the granddaughter of Henry VII and was thus loosely connected to the succession.  Lady Jane's uncle married her to Guildford Dudley and the two claimed the throne of England.  The two young people were idealists and believed they were taking the throne to save England from the Catholic leanings of Mary Tudor.   Jane Grey was only 16 when she took the throne.   She was deeply in love with her husband and completely unaware of weakness of her claim.   She was an intellectual who loved books and a romantic who believed that she and her husband could change England for the better.  She ruled for nine days before Mary Tudor claimed the throne. 

Jane was forced to watch her husband die before she was executed in the tower for treason.  She prayed as she was taken to the slab.   She was beheaded on Tower Hill on February 12, 1554.   Since that time she has been seen wandering the tower on many occasions.   Guildford Dudley has also been seen weeping in the tower.   The best documented siting of Lady Jane occurred on February 12, 1957.  A guard saw the phantom lady standing above him in the battlements.  He called out to the other guard and he also saw the lonely lady walking above them in the cold night air.

Great thread. Props to LatinoLoco
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Great thread. Props to LatinoLoco

thanks man.

Haven't updated much lately; Watch The Throne hype has taken over my life for the past week.  lol

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UFO....Flying Entity?

I was in Jalisco, Mexico visiting family and sites. When I came home and uploaded my picture, I saw this object in one!

The Man
Sufjan AOTY 2K15

My friend and I went to go see the Paulding Lights last night in Paulding, Michigan. If you don't know what they are this is an example(not my video).

A few showed up, we got there after they came up more frequently but we saw a few show up, really unexplainable. They have been on fact or faked(good show) and apparently even the military checked it out and they had no explanation. Pretty wild stuff and if you live close(I don't but I was staying 3 hours away with my friend so we said **** it) you should go, it's a neat experience. Just ignore all the high school kids enjoying their first time alone with beer and it'll be fun.
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My friend and I went to go see the Paulding Lights last night in Paulding, Michigan. If you don't know what they are this is an example(not my video).

A few showed up, we got there after they came up more frequently but we saw a few show up, really unexplainable. They have been on fact or faked(good show) and apparently even the military checked it out and they had no explanation. Pretty wild stuff and if you live close(I don't but I was staying 3 hours away with my friend so we said **** it) you should go, it's a neat experience. Just ignore all the high school kids enjoying their first time alone with beer and it'll be fun.

Cool stuff.  I wonder what they are.  Were they quite bright or more faint?

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