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Creepy/Paranormal Thread Part III

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I am haunted by humans. -Death

The Purple Church

Lore: The Purple Church is a rumored location of Satanic worship. According to legend, on Saturdays with a full moon a virgin is sacrificed to 'The Dark Lord'.

Location: The Purple Church is in Spencer, Oklahoma, near the border of Midwest City past the intersection of 63rd & Douglas Blvd. Travel until you get to the 'spooky' part with trees hanging over the road, blocking the sky (only happens during the Summer months when the trees have leaves). Go further and you will come up to a small hill. The entrance to the path that leads to the Purple Church is located on the right.

I am haunted by humans. -Death

Unexplained Mysteries Of Screaming Skulls

Skulls that supposedly horribly scream or cause any type of poltergeist or ghostly phenomena and/or activity. In many cultures and countries skeletons have, perhaps understandably, been associated with death and haunting. However, a peculiarly English preoccupation, in terms of ghosts and hauntings, has been with the skulls alone — skulls which bitterly resent any indignity offered them.

The tradition of screaming skulls seems to be almost entirely isolated to England, where stories of these mischievous bone locked spirits abound. A screaming skull is basically a skull of dubious origin, said to cause great havoc - storms, poltergeist activity, and (given its namesake) unearthly screams - when it is removed from its pride of place within a stately home, or other ancient abode. Just how each skull came to reside within the house, is the subject of colourful stories, which also explain why the skull is so unwilling to return to the grave.

Many of the stories about the skulls origins do not stand up to the scrutiny of investigation, but the actual tradition itself bears interest, and can be seen as a folklore motif widespread throughout the English counties.

It has been suggested that the tradition of screaming skulls may be related in some way to a fragmented ancient tradition, associated with the reverence for the head. The Celts in particular were worshippers of the head. There have been many archaeological finds from the Iron Age to suggest that this is so, from skull shrines to the plethora of carved stone heads. The tradition has also been passed down in the Celtic Myths, from Bran's sacred head to the beheading motif found in Cu Chulainn and other folklore. The only problem with this theory is that the tradition of screaming skulls seems restricted to England, and is not found in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Counties where you would more readily expect to find fragments of surviving Celtic traditions. So whether there is any connection with older traditions is difficult to quantify, and as the stories do not seem to date back further than the middle of the 16th century the tradition may be relatively new.

In some stories these skulls have almost become the 'luck' of the house, in much the same way as some stately homes and castles have an heirloom, which in tradition must be kept safe to maintain good luck for the home and the family. Here is a selection of some of the most famous and well-documented screaming skulls in Britain:

The Screaming Skull of Bettiscombe Manor

Perhaps the most famous screaming skull is the one that resides at Bettiscombe Manor in Dorset. The tradition (which has many variations) to account for its presence suggests that it was the skull of a black servant of the manor some time in the distant past. It was his dying wish to have his body returned home to the West Indies, - the land of his fathers. Unfortunately the master of the house - a man called Azariah Pinney - had no intention of returning his earthly remains to the West Indies, and he was interred locally in Bettiscombe Churchyard. Soon after his burial terrible screams and strange guttural noises issued from the grave, and the house was plagued by poltergeist activity. Finally after the local villagers and family members could take no more, the skeleton was recovered and brought into the house, whereupon the haunting ceased. The bones of the skeleton became lost over the years until only the skull remained. Any attempts to rebury the skull are always said to have resulted in the same disturbances.

One owner - who was disgusted at the grisly relic - is said to have thrown the skull in a nearby pond only to be plagued by all manner of unearthly screams and groans throughout the night. Inevitably he is said to have quickly retrieved the skull from the watery depths to restore it to its pride of place. In another story the skull was buried in a deep hole in a hasty attempt to be rid of its presence. The perpetrator was shocked to discover that the skull had somehow burrowed itself out of the depths, and was met with its empty eyed stare in the morning, as it sat waiting to be returned to the house.

There is also a tradition that a phantom coach issues from the manor house along the road to the local church, and that this haunting is associated with the presence of the screaming skull.

Any truth in the mythical origin of the skull was shattered when it was examined by an archaeologist called Michael Pinney in 1963, who dated the skull to the Iron Age. He suggested that the skull was that of a female, and was most probably associated with the Iron Age settlement of Pilsdon Pen close to the Manor House, although its true origins will never be known.

The Screaming Skull of Tunstead Farm, Tunstead Milton, Derbyshire

Tunstead farm has a skull named ****ie that had its height of fame during the 19th century. The name seems strange in that legend suggests the skull is actually that of a woman, who was murdered within the house. Before she died she managed to blurt out that it was her wish for her remains to stay within the house forever. Over the years the skeleton was gradually lost until only the skull remained, and the tradition grew that if the skull was removed then all manner of things would go wrong at the farm. Accounts in the 19th century also suggest that the farm was haunted by the woman's' spirit who was seen as a guardian kind of figure. The other story is that the skull belongs to Ned Dixon - hence ****ie - who was murdered at the farm by his cousin when he returned from some nameless war in foreign parts.

The tradition of the skulls power was so well known in the local district that it was blamed on the diversion of the 1863 Waley Bridge to Brunton railway. A bridge was being built near to the farm, but had to be abandoned due to unstable foundations. This was attributed to ****ies influence, obviously not wanting such a noisy diversion to his purgatory slumbering.

The skull is also said to have been stolen and taken Disley, where the thieves were plagued by such frightening disturbances that they returned it to the farm. Along with other screaming skulls one owner is said to have provoked its wrath by burying it, inevitably having to return it to the farm to restore peace.

The Screaming Skull of Wardley Hall

The skull that resides at Wardley Hall is another skull with opposing legends to account for its existence. In tradition the skull - which was kept behind a panel - was supposed to be that of royalist Roger Downs who lived in the 17th century. Roger was a man of ill nature, and according to legend once killed a Taylor in a drunken unprovoked attack, because he had sworn to kill the first person he met. His influence in high society allowed him to literally get away with murder. Eventually Roger picked a fight with somebody more than his equal, and during a drunken brawl on Tower Bridge in London, a watchman (or waterman) severed his head with one stroke. His body was Unceremoniously dumped into the River Thames. His head is said to have been delivered to the hall in a wooden box. The story was disproved when his coffin was opened in 1779, as his head was still attached to his body.

The skull actually belonged to Father Ambrose Barlow, who was hung and quartered for his faith in 1641; his head was then put on display at Manchester church or at Lancaster castle. According to some sources the skull came into the hall when it was bought by a catholic sympathiser, who kept the skull hidden lest his true leanings were discovered. The skull was then rediscovered in the 18th century by the owner of the house. One day a servant found the skull and threw the grisly relic into the moat, whereupon there was a terrible storm that led the owner of the hall to believe the skull was venting its wrath at being removed. He had the moat drained and the skull was returned to its position.

From traditional stories the skull seems to be indestructible as it has been buried, burned and smashed into pieces, always to be found outside the hall the next day, wearing its eternal grin.

The actual story is thought to date from the 1930s when a visiting journalist was duped into believing that that the skull was one with a tradition as a screaming skull. The skull has also been removed (by one time resident the Bishop of Salford) from the house for periods, without the purported paranormal occurrences.

The Screaming Skull of Burton Agnes Hall

The skull at Burton Agnes Hall is another famous screaming skull, although its exact whereabouts in the hall is unknown. It is thought to reside behind one of the walls, having been bricked up and forgotten about years before.

Tradition relates that three sisters built the Hall in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Before they managed to complete the building the youngest of the three sisters was attacked and mortally wounded by a cutthroat while walking in the park. She quickly fell into a fever and died. Before she passed away her sisters promised her that they would bring her head back into the hall so that she could see the completed structure. Her two sisters did not fulfil their promise and had her body buried, after they had moved into the finished Hall they began to be plagued by "strange moaning and weird sounds" until they could stand it no more and had their sisters skull disinterred. It was found to be already detached from the body and was fleshless. After it was placed in the hall all was well until a servant - who disbelieved the story - wrapped the skull in a cloth and threw it on the back of a wagon and horses. The horses reared and trembled in fear, the hall shook and pictures fell of the wall until the skull was replaced. After this the skull was placed in a niche in the wall, and eventually walled up.

The actual origin of the skull is unknown, but the Hall was built for Sir Henry Griffiths in the 16th century, and not for the three sisters - who may have been Sir Henry's three daughters. But it is difficult to ascertain whether the skull actually belongs to Anne Griffith, as tradition asserts.

The spirit of Ann was also thought to haunt the hall and was known as Owd Nance. She is still said to appear on the anniversary of her death.

The Screaming Skull of Higher Farm, Chilton Cantilo

The skull at Higher Farm is said to be that of Theophilus Broome, who died in 1670. Before he passed away he left instructions for his skull to be kept at the farmhouse, and attempts to remove it are said to have resulted in poltergeist activity. The haunting is well documented; a m****cript at the farm has written account from a number of people who attested to the phenomena resulting in the attempted interment of the grisly item.

The tale was committed to paper in 1791 by John Collinson in his History and Antiquities of Somerset, and the tomb of Theophilus can be found in St James's Church.
I am haunted by humans. -Death

India's Scariest

Co-host of a brand new television show that takes you to India's most haunted places, Rocky lists five that scared the living daylights out of him. Described as a “nationwide trail and journey into the unexplained,” India’s Most Haunted aims to uncover the “real truth behind the country’s most haunted places.”

The new show -- India's Most Haunted -- premiered on NDTV Good Times recently and takes its viewers to the country's most haunted places in the country -- from Bhangar and Mussoorie to Shimla and Jamali Kamali -- and attempts to prove the presence of the supernatural in these places.

Lohaghat, Uttarakhand

Champawat is the famous place where Jim Corbett shot a man-eating tiger.

Lohaghat is a small town in the Champawat district. In Lohaghat is a very old bungalow called The Abbey. It belonged to the person who founded this place.The Abbey was converted into a hospital which saw some strange goings-on like that of a doctor who would predict people's death accurately.

He would move them to this place called Mukti Kothri and the next morning they would be found dead.There was a quandary about whether he was killing them or they were dying naturally.No one knows. What they do know is that the Abbey was first house in the entire region and that disturbed the shrines of the devtas on that hilltop.

So the place never really flourished. There are a lot of stories of spirits and a trail of ghosts that is called bhooth ki daang where there are two spirits that walk here at night.Interestingly the area also falls under the travel zones of two leopards and as we were to discover a huge tiger that had killed a full-grown cow about five days before we went there.

So ghost or no ghost the idea of walking down these trails is very scary.

Tunnel no 103, Shimla-Kalka railway line

Shimla has a lot of ghost stories associated with it. There's one about tunnel number 103 on the Shimla-Kalka railway line that has the ghost of a British sahib.

The ghost in tunnel 103 is said to be one that talks back in full context with the humans he comes in contact with.

The tunnel itself is wet, damp, dingy and about 140 yards long and is quite a scary place.

It is also unique in that the spirit of the Englishman responds to humans.

There are different kinds of spirits. Most of them don't acknowledge your presence. They just appear on a particular day at a particular time and play out their part as if on a video tape -- for instance if a woman who walks in from one direction and ends up jumping in the well will do so even if you try to stop it.

If you come in her way, she will walk right through you. If there is a house built in her path, she will pass through the walls. There is nothing you can do to stop her or even if you try to talk to her, she won't respond.

But besides the tunnel itself Shimla has a lot of villages around it and the only way is to get there is by walking. There are a lot of stories about witches in the area and walking down those was quite terrifying. These trails are very, very scary. As you walk, things move around you and you can hear them. It can be frightening to walk down these trails in the nights.

Jamali Kamali

Jamali Kamali is an archaeological village complex in Mehrauli. It has a mosque and a tomb of two people -- Jamali and Kamali. Jamali was one of the names of a sufi saint who lived there during the rule of the Lodhis. The history of 'Kamali' is unknown but was associated with the sufi saint.

Jamali Kamali is the one place where we caught an apparition on camera. After shooting, when we went back to the editing table we discovered that there was a faint but distinct image of a woman who walked past us on the screen.

We've did not enhance it and neither did we touch it artificially because the idea of the show is to keep it as real as possible.

But before this, almost 20 years ago we had an experience that we couldn't forget. We'd gone there as boys and suddenly we heard a thud on our car. A friend looked out of the window and froze instantly. He simply couldn't react. We pulled him back in the car and we remember him being slapped by some invisible force. He was dragged in the back of the car and one of us had to pull him out.

For almost two days we could see prints of a hand on his face, that was far smaller than any of ours.

The Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie

The Lambi Dehar mines are situated on the outskirts of Mussoorie. These used to be strip mines, lime quarries that have been shut.

In the early 1990s there were about 50,000 workers working in these mines and a lot of these people were dying of diseases. Lime turns your lungs into stone and you die a very painful death, coughing blood etc.

The mines were shut because a lot of safety rules were being flouted and there were a lot of accidents like trucks falling off the mountains etc?

Today there is an entire city of 1500 people that has been deserted for 20 years.

Trees have grown in the houses and you can hear sounds of people hear at night. It is also very scary perhaps because it is remote, far from civilisation and has its history of haunting.

When you're driving there, cars go off the road, trucks go off the road, and there's been a mysterious helicopter crash there. So there's definitely a presence in that place.

Legend has it that there's also a witch that walks down the mountains screaming.

The ruins of Bhangarh

Bhangarh, which is situated at the edge of the Sariska Tiger Reserve has a curse attached to it. There are a few versions of the story but the most popular one is that of a tantrik and the Queen Ranavati of Bhangarh who he was attracted to.

According to legends, the tantrik mixed some potion into the princess' perfume that would make her attracted to him.

As luck would have it, the princess learnt about the plan and poured the perfume on a stone.

The stone then flew and landed on the tantrik and crushed him to death. Just as he was dying, the tantrik cursed the city and said that there would be no roof standing in Bhangarh.Soon after, the kingdom of Bhangarh went to battle with its neighbouring state of Asafgarh that caused the ruin of the two cities.

Today, even though there are a few temples left in Bhangarh there are no roofs on houses. The houses in the surrounding areas have roofs of straw to this day. When we went there we could feel a great sense of unease in the area. Besides, there were three inexplicable things that happened.

The first was the sound of footsteps that I most positively heard behind me. When I turned around, I there was no one behind me.

Then there were eerie sounds like screams coming from the hills that we picked on audio sensors.

Finally, there was this incident where we discovered that some invisible force was pelting stones at us. We were in an open field and there was no one for over 70-80 yards that we could see. And yet from the trajectory and the size of the stones, we realised they couldn't have been coming from further than 20 yards.

These three incidents pretty much sealed it for us. Bhangarh was inarguably the scariest place we visited.
I am haunted by humans. -Death

An Imp, Cyclops Or Unknown Creature?  Cryptozoology

On Friday, March 19, 2010, an event occurred in Chiquimitio, Michoacán, Mexico, whose characteristics make it extraordinary within the field of cryptozoology, according to the events described:

Chiquimitío, a town of approximately 1,500 residents, is a small community some two thousand twenty meters above sea level, quite close to the city of Morelia. And that's where some local residents encountered a strange creature, small and walking on all fours before standing on two legs. They described the creature as having thin arms, legs and torso, covered with very little hair. Unfortunately, the few witnesses to this event were gripped by fear, and threw themselves against the unknown entity, lopping off its head with a single blow and throwing its small carcass to the local dogs, which devoured it almost immediately. It should also be noted that Chiquimitío is a farming community, and it is customary for residents to carry machetes wherever they go.

Subsequently, the same people involved in the event took what remains, up to this moment, the only evidence of the case: one cell phone video with a duration of 1 minute and 11 seconds, showing the head propped up against what appear to be wooden boards. A quick inspection of the creature's head can be seen through small sticks, as well as three photos showing it in detail. One of them, particularly, displays the head in comparison with a human torso.

After quickly recording this video and photo evidence, the eyewitnesses sadly chose to throw away the head, leaving no possibility for subsequent physical analysis.
Only a few days after the event, a person known to our group approached us to provide us with the visual evidence, describing how he gleaned all of the information, telling us that a person who worked alongside him in a family business was among the few witnesses to the event. It was this individual who managed to capture the events on video and photo formats, and it was precisely the person who told our friend that at the moment that they saw something whose characteristics were completely unknown to them, it sent them into a generalized psychosis. They subsequently regretted not having preserved any physical evidence for subsequent study.

It should be noted that we first thought it could be case of cyclopia - a congenital deficiency characterized by a single facial orbit visible on the face of living creatures -- that is to say, a single eye -- accompanied by cranial deformation and the absence of a nose (also known as holoprosencephaly) and that the creature's physique, and its similarity to a dog of the Chihuahua breed, could have indeed been an adequate hypothesis. However, a situation that also prompts reflection is that one of the characteristics of cyclopia, while it can affect any living creature, it is evident in approximately 1 to 3 per 1000 births. This low percentage is either stillborn or dies shortly later.

This factor also leads to consideration. This being's head shows signs of having been alive for a longer time, a detail evident in the teeth, which were in some way developed. In turn, the strange shape and size of the ears is striking. These could initially be said to resemble those of a Chihuahua dog. However, this species of canine has rigid and firm ears, contrary to what we see in this unknown creature, as the ears appear larger and more flexible.

It has been said for a long time that in communities near Chiquimitío and several locations in the state of Michoacán, there have been sightings of strange beings resembling the legendary elves, trolls and even cyclops and giants, all of this forming part of the area's legends.

No final conclusion is possible for this case, based on all the foregoing. However, considering the evidence and all that has been investigated, we can say that on 19 March 2010 in Chiquimitío, Michoacán, Mexico, something was seen. A genetically deformed animal, an imp, a troll, a cyclops? You have the last word.

I am haunted by humans. -Death

Giant Rats Invade Town, Eat Two Children -- Obviously not paranormal but this is scary and creepy

Giant rats as big as cats have killed and eaten two babies in separate attacks in South Africa's squalid townships this week.

Lunathi Dwadwa, three, was killed as she slept in her parent's shack in the Khayelitsha slum outside Cape Town and another girl was killed in Soweto township near Johannesburg the same day.

Little Lunathi was sleeping on a makeshift bed on the floor of her family's breeze block and corrugated iron home on Sunday night when she died. Her puzzled parents didn't even hear her scream.

When her mother discovered her lifeless body, she saw that her daughter's eyes had been gouged out.

Bukiswa Dwadwa, 27, said: 'I can't forget how ugly my child looked after her eyes were ripped out.

'She was eaten from her eyebrows to her cheeks, her other eye was hanging by a piece of flesh.'

Her father Mncedisi Mokoena said police told him: 'Nothing could have done that but rats'

And today police revealed that a baby girl died in the Soweto township when she was attacked by rats while her teenage mother was out with friends.

'We were called to the scene of the death of an infant due to a rat attack on Monday morning at around 9am,' said police officer Bongani Mhlongo.

'The mother of the child was arrested on charges of culpable homicide and negligence.'

The deaths appear to be part of a spate of deadly rat attacks in the country.

Last month, 77-year-old grandmother Nomathemba Joyi died after giant rats chewed off the right side of her face.

Residents of South Africa's impoverished townships say the giant rats grow up to three-foot long, including their tails, and have front teeth over an inch long.

The suspects in the baby attacks are believed to be African Giant Pouched Rats, a species only distantly related to UK rats, but native to sub-Saharan Africa - and the biggest in the world.

They are nocturnal, omnivorous and can produce up to 50 young a year. Some tribal people breed them for food.

They thrive in the townships' filthy conditions and feast on residents' uncollected rubbish. - dailymail
I am haunted by humans. -Death

LatinoLoco is a beast, I ****ing love this thread  :yay:

I am haunted by humans. -Death

Where do you get all this info from bruh ?

Everywhere on the world wide web fam.  Most are from sites I frequent and other random sources.  Hope you are enjoying it!
I am haunted by humans. -Death

Just some visuals

I am haunted by humans. -Death

Creepy Video Time?  Yah, why not!


LatinoLoco is a beast lol
I am haunted by humans. -Death

LatinoLoco is a beast lol

I am haunted by humans. -Death

Amsterdam's Haunted Spots

Montelbaans Tower (Montelbaanstoren) was erected in the early 1500s to defend the ship yards from Utercht attacks. Apparently, thought it's not clear, something tragic happened to a family as they fled to the tower's safety. Since then, the same family reappears each June 2nd, reliving those terrible last moments as they fled unsuccuessfuly to the tower. Later, it became a clock tower and now serves as offices for the city water department.

Black Matthew haunts the whole city. A 13th century highwayman, magician, and thief, Matthew gambled his way through the city using his knowledge of dark magic to ensure he would come out on top each time. Well, until he ran afoul of the devil. Now his tortured soul wanders the narrow streets and canals hoping for a bit of luck.

Some believe the ghost of Anne Frank (or other family members) still clings to the cold corners of the home where the family hid from the Nazis, as so poignantly and tragically illustrated in Frank's famed diary.

During the Spanish Inquisition, the Catholic Church executed many, especially those they thought guilty of witchcraft. Amsterdam was especially hard hit by the Council of Blood's tyranny. Ghosts abound here; surely, they must, and Dam Square is where they are likely to be found. Many accused witches were burned in the plaza that is home to the Palace, which served as city hall from 1655 to 1808 when it became a royal residence.
I am haunted by humans. -Death

The Death Roads

Trisecting the expansive heath between the villages of Laren and Hilversum outside Amsterdam are three arrow-straight roads of ancient origin that meet unwaveringly at St. John's cemetery. These are the Doodwegen, of "death roads". Since before medieval times, these paths have served as ceremonial avenues for transporting the dead to their final resting place. This practice may have been instilled by Viking culture, which has a similar practice. If so, it is a tradition imparted among those in ancient Britain as well as Germany. Perhaps it is a tradition that has been embraced by Germanic peoples for a very long time. Alternatively referred to as spokenweg (spook or ghost road), there are not surprisingly tales of phantom funeral processions that spring up from time to time around these paths, which had been largely forgotten until their rediscovery in the 20th century.
I am haunted by humans. -Death

Paranormal Normandy

France's Normandy coast is probably best known for the D-Day Invasion of World War II or the many painters who famously captured its beaches, pastures, and "light". But there are also mysteries here that defy explanation...

In April 1918, a violent poltergeist outbreak occurred at a home in the famed shipping town of Cherbourg along France's Normandy Coast.

In July 1910, a fantastically large black bird or bird-like object plummeted into the seas off that same-said Normandy coast and vanished. Several sailors on a nearby vessel witnessed the event.

Normandy's Calvados Castle was also home to a poltergeist that lasted from October 12, 1875 to January 30, 1876, terrifying occupants and locals.

In Puys, near the seaside town of Dieppe, two women heard ghostly shounds of a WWII air raid on August 4, 1951.

A recent psychic-led ghost tours of Mortemer abbey would have you believe it is haunted by a requisite lady-in-white and a handful of murdered monks.
I am haunted by humans. -Death

Nasa's Anomalies Above The Moon

I am haunted by humans. -Death

Is Everything We Know About Area51 Wrong?

The UFO phenomenon has many staples - points in history that serve as reference points that are almost universally understood to those studying the phenomenon.  But few are as well understood or as widely known as the shadowy and strictly off-limits Area-51.  Despite being top secret the facility is more widely referenced than almost any other single military base in the world.  And yet it is a place that the government has for years denied even exists - and few civilians have been admitted within its massive perimeter.  But a recent book suggests everything we know about the installation might be wrong.

Annie Jacobson has been working for years in an attempt to crack the shell of secrecy surrounding Area 51 and get to the reality of it.  And if her findings prove accurate, the truth in this case may be stranger than ever.  According to Jacobson the facility was a place where military planes were indeed reverse engineered, but from Soviet aircraft and not extraterrestrial ones.  As for the theory behind the alien bodies discovered amid the wreckage of an aircraft in Roswell, it appears they could have been humans - but humans surgically altered by someone to look like aliens to deceive the human race.

Believe it or not, it’s an idea that was picked up shortly after the Roswell Incident but decades ago by the hit sci-fi television show “The Outer Limits” in the 1960’s.  In the program as escalation between the world’s superpowers reaches a level out of control a team of scientists engineer a human to look like an alien and put him into an extraterrestrial looking spacecraft.  After he is sent up into his retrofitted spacecraft, the man-made creature crash lands on Earth and begins terrorizing his fellow Earthlings while looking like an alien.  The end goal is to create a threat common to all the peoples of the Earth and to give all the people of the world a common adversary.  The logic stands that then they will no longer consider one another enemies and will fight against this nonexistent or distant threat exclusively.  While this is the science fiction interpretation of the plan, the motivation behind surgically altering humans in this case is unknown.

But it is suspected to have been the Nazis as some witnesses have suggested - and at the top of the list of culprits is none other than Dr. Death Josef Mengele.  Mengele is known for his abuse of human ethics and his disregard for the safety of his victims.  If he had created the ship in order to fool the Americans, it may have been part 1 of a larger scheme.

But the scenario has a more troubling side to it as well.  If Mengele had been responsible for the deaths of so many, then the plan certainly isn’t off limits for ethical reasons.  But there’s another side to the Nazi conspiracy to convince the west aliens were invading.  If the craft involved was highly advanced and even capable of space travel as some have suggested, then it might lend some credence to the incredibly strange Nazi UFO theory.
I am haunted by humans. -Death

Hypnotist Knocked Unconscious Leaving Guests In Trance?

Reports coming from the UK suggest three stage hypnosis subjects could have remained in a trance even after the hypnotist who put them in a trance fell over and was rendered unconscious by the accident.  But is this report accurate?  How does hypnosis really work, and could someone remain in a hypnotic trance either by accident or design?  And if hypnosis is so powerful, just how long could a hypnotized person remain in that stupefied state?

The hypnotist, David Days fell when he tripped over one of the subject’s feet and landed face first on the stage.  At first the audience, who thought the move may have been part of the show applauded the unusual occurrence, but soon realized the stunt had not been a joke.  It must have been a terrifying experience for the loved ones of those on stage as they realized they remained in a trance, not reacting either to help Days or themselves get to safety.  Shortly after that the lights in the studio came on and the audience was cleared out.  Soon afterward the hypnotist was brought back to full consciousness, and in turn he was able to bring the hypnosis subjects back to wakefulness as well.

It’s a strange story with an element of the absurd to it.  The idea of someone being left in a hypnotic trance permanently for the rest of their lives is the sort of thing fiction is made of.  But while the subjects may have been in a particularly heavy trance, the chances of them remaining in such a state for the rest of their lives is actually near impossible.  Hypnosis works in a very specific way.

As with many things, the interest in hypnosis entered Hollywood when public perception of the phenomenon was still in its early stages.  People didn’t truly understand how hypnosis worked, and as a result several myths arose from it - partially due to the plethora of films that came about on the subject.  Among the depictions was the notion that someone could be hypnotized to do something that was not normally in their nature and that hypnosis could remain in a person long after the session ended if they were unable to come out of the trance in the pre-agreed upon way.  This is one of the premises of the 2001 film Office Space.  In the film a hypnotist dies in the middle of a hypnosis session and the protagonist undergoes a major lifestyle change as a result.  But the reality is quite different.  Even if a hypnotist dies in the middle of hypnosis and is unable to bring a test subject out of even a particularly deep trance, eventually they will come out of that state independently.  Furthermore, if a person even while in a trance perceives they are in danger they will immediately snap out of it and go about attempting to get to safety.

And so this story is particularly interesting.  Whether it’s because the hypnotic test subjects were under the impression that nothing had gone wrong or simply because they had been primed to react this way even if the hypnotist had been knocked unconscious is not currently known.  But one thing is for sure, if they had ever perceived themselves to be in any danger they would have reacted accordingly and shortly recovered completely from their altered state of consciousness.  Still, this is a particularly interesting case because it does show how blind a test subject might be if they find themselves under the influence of a particularly deep hypnosis session.

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