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There is no assurance that all of these facts are in fact factually accurate facts but ignorance is bliss

Kanye used Lauryn Hill's "The Mysteries Of Iniquity" as the hook for All Falls Down, and Hill originally sung the hook. He had several female artists singing on this, but chose the version that Syleena Johnson sings.

Bad News is Kanye's favourite song off 808s and Heartbreak.

Supernova, by Mr Hudson, was a 808s left over. The original used the synthesized piano riff at the end throughout the song (although it was sped up for Mr Hudson's version) and had The Dream (Not completely sure about this) and Kanye on the hook.

Dark Fantasy is introduced by a narrative by Nicki Minaj, in which she reworks in an English accent a poem by Roald Dahl that itself revisits the classic fairy tale Cinderella.

Rick Ross' addition to Devil In A New Dress was a last minute decision, made the day before the album needed to be handed in.

'And my grandmamma ain't the only [girl] calling me baby,' was the original hook for Good Life.

Donda West used 'Hey Mama' as her ringtone on her cellphone.

"Homecoming" features Coldplay's Chris Martin. West was at the Abbey Road studio in London working on the theme song for Mission: Impossible 3, while Martin was in a nearby room recording a BBC Radio 2 special. They met up and during a jam session recorded this track.

"I Wonder" was inspired by the U2 track "City Of Blinding Lights".

Canadian singer-songwriter Esthero co-penned "Robocop", "Love Lockdown" and Mr Hudson produced track "Streetlights" on 808s & Heartbreak. She'd previously provided the voice of the spaceship J.A.N.E. on West's Glow in the Dark tour.

it's pretty commonly known, but School Spirit is clean, because Aretha Franklin would only let Kanye sample it if the song didn't include swearing

"Never Let Me Down" was originally intended for The Blueprint 2.

rhymfest brought kanye the sample for jesus walks and co-wrote the first verse...it then took kanye months and months to write that legendary 2nd verse

the murder half of murder to excellence was intended for swizz beats upcoming album

"Heard 'Em Say" was composed very quickly during a studio session between Kanye and Levine immediately after the Grammy Awards.

It took Kanye West five years to perfect "Hey Mama."

When Mr Hudson played Kanye "Anyone But Him", Kanye said 'stop stop stop the CD,' then went on to exclaim: 'I'm gonna pay you the biggest compliment I can, that's the kind of s--t I write' (laughs).'

Kanye composed the beat for Common's song "The Corner" after a full day of partying and with less than half an hour left on the clock.

Not a Kanye song but I read somewhere he was supposed to have a verse in Jay-Z's Roc Boys (And The Winner Is) but he couldn't because he was on tour, even though you can hear him say "we in the house" etc.

Not necessarily a song fact, but if Kanye'd had his way, Selita Ebanks would've been completely naked for her Phoenix role in the "Runaway" film.

During his time with Kanye West, Justin Vernon found himself working 18-hour days laying down vocal tracks and engineering a few recordings, such as Rick Ross' verse on this song. He recalled to Spin magazine: "Rick Ross would just be sitting there a lot of the time while I was working on s--t, on a piano bench right behind me, smoking blunt after blunt after blunt. In between takes, he'd inhale and then say real quiet, 'That was good, homie.' I'd be like, 'Okay! I'll keep going!'"

"My Way Home" was intended for Common's Be album.

808s was recorded in Hawaii whose area code is "808."

Kanye had a random cameo in 'Same Direction' by Hoobastank

"Good Ass Job", long rumored to be the title for Kanye's proper follow-up to "Graduation" and the final entry in the "Education" album series (of course later debunked), is also the name of an earlier mixtape song and is referenced directly on The College Dropout's skit track "Graduation Day."

Live Fast Die Young was originally a Kanye song, as was Eyes Closed

"Through the Wire" was actually re-recorded for the album once the condition of Kanye's jaw had improved. The original, rougher version in which Kanye ACTUALLY recorded with his jaw wired shut was not ultimately used for the album version.

Consequence's "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" was originally intended for The College Dropout.

Spaceship was originally not on the College Dropout, but was later made after the "Early Version" of the album was leaked months and months early

According to Tony Williams, the reason he didn't receive proper credit for any vocals he contributed to The College Dropout was because Kanye wanted main exposure given to John Legend, who was just breaking out at the time and was preparing to release a debut album later in the same year. Kanye made up for this by giving Tony Williams top credit for backing vocals on Late Registration.

"Bittersweet Poetry" was originally intended for Late Registration but was later demoted to bonus track status for Graduation.

Kanye recorded videos for Robocop and Say You Will, but they were never released

Consequence claims to have written the "We were sort of like Will Smith and his son / In the movie, I ain't talkin' 'bout the rich ones" couplet for 'Ye off the Graduation song "Champion." Nearly five years later, he still salty about that one particular couplet he didn't get credit for, apparently.

Homecoming was a leftover track of Late Registration

Kanye jokingly expressed interest in filming a visual for "Hell of a Life" starring Kim Kardashian as his "taboo" love interest.

Rhymefest helped Kanye write "Gorgeous."

There was an additional Lupe Fiasco verse recorded for the G.O.O.D. Friday track "Don't Look Down," left off once Big Sean came through with a show-stealing verse.

Kanye said in a interview that Good Life and Gold digger barely made the cut on Graduation and Late Registration.

Kanye says that "Can't Tell Me Nothing" is his version of a prayer put to song.

At the time of its release, Jay-Z said that "Big Brother" was the most important song Kanye had made since "Jesus Walks."

If you listen carefully, you'll hear Kid Cudi briefly in the background of "Murder to Excellence."

Coldplay is one of Kanye's favorite bands-- he ranks them above The Beatles-- and expressed interest in creating a collaboration album with them at some point in the future, if possible.

All jokes he makes about him in songs aside, Ma$e is actually Kanye's favorite rapper ever.

Ye thought Stronger would be a bad idea for a single since he thought it was too hard for radio's, he wanted to go with I Wonder or The Glory before it.

"I Wonder" was originally intended to be a single and be given the video treatment.

"Niggas in Paris" was originally titled "That **** Crack" on early reports of the WTT tracklist.

"Take One for the Team" was at one point seriously planned for consideration on MBDTF, as revealed by a Complex photo of an early tracklist months after the fact.

Magic Man was originally on The College Dropout but didn't release for 5 years afterwards on Malik Yusef's album.

Kanye was on T.I.'s On Top Of The World in place of Ludacris but his verse was cut when he gave T.I. Swagga Like Us. The verse ended up being used on The Clipse's Kinda Like A Big Deal. (not in it's entirety though)

For those unfamiliar with the MBDTF pre-release process, "All of the Lights" originally featured only Drake and Tony Williams.

Kanye also made 3 drastically different video versions of his hit song "Flashing Lights."

Early leaks of "So Appalled" featured Kanye only, as well as an unfinished second verse from him.

It's said that the well-received second verse Kanye rapped for his SNL performance of "POWER" was originally intended for "Chain Heavy."

There are 3 versions of Christmas In Harlem. iTunes with CyHi & Teyana. Original with a different CyHi verse & Teyana. Diplomats x GOOD Music version of it.

Kanye has had an understandable preoccupation with Tracee Ross's ass (see: "Touch the Sky" and "Go Hard" for examples).

RZA admits he mispronounced "Thirty white ****es" as "dirty white ****es" instead, on "So Appalled." Kanye, amused, brought the mispronunciation to his attention, to which the RZA replied, "****, with how I sound, they ain't gon' notice the difference."

It's been suggested by insiders that it was upon hearing Lupe Fiasco's popular, conscious interpretation of his own "Diamonds (in Sierra Leone)" track that Kanye was first made really aware of the plight of the blood diamond trade in Africa. Upon doing further research he promptly saw to it that he expose the issue to more people as well, which is why we have the remix version. Why Jay-Z came on the track and decided to rap about petty business affairs remains a mystery.

"So Appalled', or some version of it, was also originally slated for Diddy's album Last Train to Paris, or whatever it was that album was called.

A song called "Heartbreaker" produced by The RZA was intended to be on MBDTF, but ended up on The Game's Purp & Patron mixtape.

On Common's song "Driving Me Wild" Kanye has very low backing vocals under Lily Allen.

"Breathe In, Breathe Out" originally had Kanye doin' the hook solo, instead of Ludacris.

Kanye's 5th studio album was originally going to be recorded with just a drum machine and a ghetto blaster. He then moved onto wanting to make an old school hip-hop album, hence the recruitment of Pete Rock, RZA & DJ Premiere. He ultimately opted to scrap all those plans and we got the masterpiece known as MBDTF.

You know how Kanye says "41 souls murdered in 50 hours," on "Murder to Excellence" with such conviction?
That's actually a bit of an exaggeration. Between March 31st and April 2nd, 2010, 41 people were shot in Chicago. Only four of the people (not ALL of them) were actually killed.

there were originally plans to expand the "POWER" video into a 40-minute-long film, continuing its slow-motion theme. The idea for a 40-minute-film later evolved into the "Runaway" mini-movie we have now.

The original G.O.O.D. Friday MP3 of the hit track "Monster" featured a noticeable skip when it first hit the web.

Swizz Beatz' verse for "Lord Lord Lord" is unanimously considered among the worst in hip-hop history.

Early tracklists for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy listed Pusha T as a feature for "Blame Game" as well.

Timbaland helped Kanye with the drums on "Stronger” and “Good Life.”

If you've ever wondered why Game has only the pointless job of repeating the refrain with Kanye on "Crack Music," it's because Game actually did record a verse for it, but it did not fit contextually with the song's content so Kanye left it off. The version with Game's verse included is available via mixtapes, however.

when kanye says 'chic' in roses, he's referring to his grandmother

the animal noises in the love lockdown outro were made by kanye himself

Kanye lived in china for a year when he was 10

contrary to what a lot of people think, the grandmother who is centric to "Roses" DOES NOT die during the song.

kanye sung the hook for see me now and woulda given it to beyonce to sing it instead. and then he decided to keep his voice on it as well behind hers

Kanye loves connect 4.

After Kanye interrupted Taylor he actually put up his middle finger to the audience. You can see it in a video of the incident released more than a year after it

He started out making music by creating soundtracks for his video games that he made that mostly consisted of naked women doing things

Kanye really DID drive Big Sean and his signee's mother around in his Maybach, as Sean claims on "See Me Now."

Kanye produced the beat for "The Cool" of Lupe Fiasco's debut album Food & Liquor. The track serves as the basis of what would constitute the latter rapper's follow-up album of the same title.

kanye claimed he had made the best beat ever in hip hop history for the blueprint 3 album.

amber rose was actually on dark fantasy

Kanye once claimed that Beyonce had the greatest video of all time.

Ayy Girl by JYJ Ft. Kanye was originally the beat Kanye used for he & Rhymefest's TV show "Alligator Boots".

Kanye West is featured on Big Sean's Too Fake (Remix). It was never released because they could not get the sample cleared for his album.

The first time Kanye met Mr. Hudson he told him how much him and Amber loved the song Cover Girl off of his first album. Hudson started singing it for Amber and Kanye made him stop because he said it was making him jealous LOL.

Kanye has an unrealeased song with Jay-Z & Jack White

The G.O.O.D. Friday track "Looking for Trouble" is actually the result of a KanyeToThe.com member's request during a ustream for Yeezy to work with J.Cole. Later that same week, Cole was called up, much to his surprise, by West who asked him if he could come in the studio that day and drop a verse for the said track. J.Cole had a show that night. Kanye called and said he needed it by that night. He wrote it in the car on the way to the show. Sent it to Ye and the rest is history. They never worked in person.

Stronger and Champion both originally featured different verses then they have now. Stronger's has released in audio form due to a FOR (sample clearance) CASSIE ONLY version of the track that leaked. Champion's has still never been heard, but on Kanye's old website KanyeUniverseCity it was posted in the lyrics section of Champion.

At one concert in Chicago he recited a new verse to All Falls Down that he has never recited since. It was a 1 time only verse. It speaks about Christian Bale pushing his sisters among other things.

The song "Whoopty Doo", joint-produced by Kanye West and No I.D. and featuring CyHi Da Prynce and Big Sean, was originally intended to be the next-to-last G.O.O.D. Friday track; it instead ended up on CyHi's mixtape Royal Flush 2.

he was born in Atlanta not Chicago

On MBDTF recording sessions, Kanye had papers on the walls which said: "No Hipster Hats" and "No Negative Blog Viewing".

Jay was mad at Kanye when he released So Appalled on GOOD Fridays. Ye addressed this on the MTV interview just after Runaway's premiere.

Freshmen Adjustment 2 song Would You Like To Ride samples A Tribe Called Quest's The Jam.

Heavy Hitters Ft. GLC was on the original College Dropout leak but was removed and it can be found on Freshmen Adjustment mixtape. Ye was in a group before he made it big called Go Getters. It was him, GLC, Really Doe, Timmy G and Arrowstar.

Can't Tell Me Nothing had a remix that featured Pimp C, Lil Wayne, Pusha T & Busta Rhymes. It was never released because everyone was dissing each other on it LOL. Pimp C was dissing Jeezy at the time. Wayne & Pusha were also beefing at this time. Mike Dean still has the files of this session so if you bug him enough we might get it.

Many of the beats on Late Registration were intended for Common's Be.

Kanye recorded a ****load of material for Graduation in 2006, none of it is known though.

Kanye was actually supposed to be on the song I Got Money Ft. T.I. on Jeezy's 2nd album.

Even though Beanie Siegel called Kanye gay, Ye still brought him and freeway out for can't tell me nothing in philadelphia for Powerhouse, 07 I believe.

Oh and the cool vibe cover kanye did, the all white one, took like months to make

Watch The Throne went through many constructive changes throughout its development. First, it was intended to be a small EP containing So Appalled, Monster and The Joy and another fourth track (rumored to be a remix to The Joy) but this plan was scrapped when Kanye released these tracks through GOOD Fridays. They were also at one point going for a full "traditional hip hop" style album, similar to The Joy and Primetime. This happened before we ended up with the WTT we know today.

After 808's and Heartbreak Kanye revealed in an interview with french magazine Elle that he was planning to make an album named Winter Spring Summer Fall which would have 12 tracks with 3 tracks for each season. It would of consisted mostly of singing. The "Summer of Dreams" and "Never See Me Again" tracks that we have may of very well been on this album.

That's My **** was originally intended for MBDTF. There are also 2 unknown tracks that we know about that were considered for MBDTF with "Holding Me Back" and "Sweat on My Face".

This is less known, but a song that didn't make the cut for Drake's Thank Me Later named "You Know You Know" is produced by Kanye West and may of also been a leftover from 'Ye.

Mr Hudson produced Street Lights, Eric Hudson produced Flashing Lights

There was a song called Chaka Khan that was supposed to be on MBDTF. We never heard anything about it other than that.

Originally intended for Finding Forever Strange Fruit was scrapped do to sample clearance, but was later was released through a cassidy version.

BTW, remember that "Letter to the Law" poem Common did for Def Poetry that FOX News (lol) got all bent out of shape over for no reason? It's actually an "unreleased" song from the "Be" / "Finding Forever" era, produced by Kanye.

Kanye once asked the Pizza delivery guy for input on his music!

The beat for The Morning was originally for Pusha's solo album

Q-Tip & Common weren't on Cruel Summer because they "butted heads" too much

The video for Mercy was originally supposed to be filmed around the whole city of Qatar but the city didn't give Kanye the permission to and he ended up just filming in a parking garage in Qatar

Before starting on 808s and Heartbreak, Kanye heard Mr Hudson's song 'There Will Be Tears' and told him 'this isn't a million miles away from what I want to do'.

Whilst making 808s, Kanye watched films like Apocalypto, American Psycho and Robocop. The latter two were influential, as shown by the Love Lockdown video and the song RoboCop.

Love Lockdown was the first song created from 808s. It was the catalyst for Kanye making the sound that epitomizes the 808s.

Kanye thinks George Bush doesn't care about black people.

When Kanye was in the studio with Michael Jackson he played "Good Life" and MJ asked who was singing the backup vocals... And Ye told him that it was him and MJ complimented his vocals and that is what gave Kanye confidence to make 808's & Heartbreak

Jay-z liked Blood On The Leaves so much that when West debuted Yeezus at a playback that it was played twice. "Hov wanted me to bring that one back," Ye told the guests.

Kanye West rapped the song at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in front of a backdrop of Steve McQueen's photograph, Lynching Tree. Following his intimate performance, West's website was updated to feature the Lynching Tree picture, along with the accompany text: "This tree was used for lynching. Those who were murdered are buried in the ground around the tree."

The dark, near-tribal 'BLKKK SKKKN HD' features production from the French duo Daft Punk who worked with West on several of Yeezus' tracks. This was the first one that the French duo recorded for the album and it originated from some unused material recorded for the robots' own Random Access Memories. "The drums we had recorded earlier during the recording of our album, so we had those," Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter explained to Vibe magazine. "It was a great twist of pushing the envelope."

After West performed the song on Saturday Night Live, many reviewers cited its similarities to Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People." It was initially suggested that the tune sampled the Shock Rocker's 1996 hit, but West clarified that the beat was made from scratch and it was him screaming and breathing on the track.

Co-producer Travis Scott recalled to MTV News how he was blown away by the changes that West had made to this song within the span of about a week. "I was [in Paris] and I left and came back to the States to do the [MTV] Woodie Awards. When I came back, he played me what changed in the next week, just new ideas and s--t, man, and 'Black Skinhead' was really coming to life. I was like, 'Man, I'm learning how to make an album; that s--t is coming to life. It was like a turning point right there."

Rubin on Bound2: "When he first played it for me, it was a more middle of the road R&B song, done in an adult contemporary style," Rubin recalled to The Wall Street Journal. Kanye had the idea of combining that track with a cool sample he had found and liked – I removed all of the R&B elements leaving only a single note baseline in the hook which we processed to have a punk edge in Suicide tradition." American Electronic Protopunk musical duo Suicide have been intermittently active since 1970. A flyer the band circulated in November 1970 was the first ever to use the phrase "punk music" to advertise a concert. Never widely popular amongst the general public, Suicide's New Wave and Synthpop sounds of the late '70s and early '80s are regarded as highly influential by music critics.

So what did Brenda Lee think about West borrowing from her hit tune for 'Bound 2'? She responded to CMT after hearing this profanity-rich song:
"It's kind of like a rapping thing with a '60s vibe a little bit—that was probably one of the cleaner parts.

"That song is over 50 years old," she added, "so who would have thought that they'd even know that song, or probably even me? I'm proud that he liked the song and thought enough of it to incorporate it."

'Don't Stop!' dates back to the early days of the Child Rebel Soldier super group. Fiasco explained to MTV News the track was created as a way to gauge the direction the trio wanted to take with their sound. "That song is like a song that we did in the midst of being CRS when we were actually going to put out an album and just really wanted to test records and see if we should do more records like that, or should we do more records like 'Us Placers' or... more down-low records, up-top records," he said. "We were just trying to figure out what should we do and that was one of the experiments that was bananas."

'Guilt Trip' finds a heavily auto-tuned West lamenting over a failed relationship with a good girl gone bad. "This is the time when my heart got shot down," he recounts.

S1 recalled his contribution to 'Guilt Trip': "Before Kanye started this album he had like 20 beats from me on hold, but what's crazy is none of those 20 joints made the album," he said. "'Guilt Trip' was actually a joint I did in London for Watch the Throne. In fact, Kanye and Jay were in the room with me when I did it. I did it on the spot and they loved it – Kanye laid a verse immediately on it, and he ended up using it for this particular project. I make music to the best of my ability and move on, 'Guilt Trip' is an example of that — a seed I planted a while back that was used later on."

'Hold My Liquor' finds West taking a sobering approach to his vices as he stumbles into an exes home for some emotionless sex. West told guests during a playback of Yeezus that the song was added back to the tracklisting at the last minute because "we really like that joint."

The song title 'New Slaves' comes from the lyric. "They tryna lock niggas up, they tryna make new slaves. See that's that privately owned prisons, get your piece today." West is blasting here the disproportionate number of blacks in prison on drug charges. According to the rapper, this is an institutional racism as the drug enforcement agency has teamed up with the CCA ( a company that owns and manages prisons) in order to supply the jails with prisoners. By making laws that effect the drugs that the African Americans favor stiffer, more of them will go and stay in jail longer.

"Everything I've been doing, from the 'New Slaves' video to the album with no artwork, I've been thinking, 'What would Rick Rubin do?'" West told guests at the album's playback.

Kanye West opens his sixth studio album, Yeezus, with this pulsing, racy opener 'On Sight', which interpolates a melody from "He'll Give Us What We Really Need," an old track from the South Side of Chicago choir, Holy Name of Mary Choral Family. Lawyers for West's record label were still trying to track down the choir director and members of the choir to get clearance for the vocals days before the album release. The Def Jam label chiefs were so concerned about whether they would get rights to the track, that at the last minute they re-recorded the vocals with a different choir.

'Send It Up' finds West linking up with fellow Chicago rapper King Louie, who delivers some raw rhymes. The Chi-Town spitter told MTV News that he just went in and freestyled his performance during a recording session in Paris with Kanye. "When I did the joint, we were in the studio - no B.S., like 20 hours strong, a day. We were in Paris or whatever," he said. "I had woke up, and it was just a freestyle verse off the top and that turned out to be the one he was really rocking with; just genuine bars."
Louie told MTV News that the finished version is very different from the original beat he recorded on. "The beat changed and what was part of my hook became the actual chorus, it was dope," he said. "The beat was just one instrument, two instruments and then now it's like a whole party thing. So it's way different from when I recorded it."

Kanye's 'White Dress' has some interesting historical background. Prior to the Victorian era, a bride could be married in any color. For instance, during the American Revolution, many brides wore red as a symbol of rebellion. It was Britain's Queen Victoria who has been credited with starting the western tradition of white bridal gowns by wearing one at her 1840 wedding, in order to incorporate some lace she prized. The official wedding portrait photograph was widely published, and many brides opted for white in accordance with the Queen's choice.

Can anyone dig up a couple more?

feather jam ministry

good thread idea
feather jam ministry

it's pretty commonly known, but School Spirit is clean, because Aretha Franklin would only let Kanye sample it if the song didn't include swearing

good thread idea
Black Smith
I knew a nigga who dreamed of flyin' boats...

"Never Let Me Down" was originally intended for The Blueprint 2.
Black Smith
I knew a nigga who dreamed of flyin' boats...

it's pretty commonly known, but School Spirit is clean, because Aretha Franklin would only let Kanye sample it if the song didn't include swearing

The dirty is out there, though.
And you say Prov City!

"Never Let Me Down" was originally intended for The Blueprint 2.

Black Smith
I knew a nigga who dreamed of flyin' boats...

Bad News is Kanye's favourite song off 808's and Heartbreak.

Track gets too much hate. :cmon:

Mr Hudson produced Streetlights? Huh did not know.

rhymfest brought kanye the sample for jesus walks and co-wrote the first verse...it then took kanye months and months to write that legendary 2nd verse

the murder half of murder to excellence was intended for swizz beats upcoming album
Black Smith
I knew a nigga who dreamed of flyin' boats...

"Heard 'Em Say" was composed very quickly during a studio session between Kanye and Levine immediately after the Grammy Awards.
Black Smith
I knew a nigga who dreamed of flyin' boats...

It took Kanye West five years to perfect "Hey Mama."

nice thread. :golfclap:
Black Smith
I knew a nigga who dreamed of flyin' boats...

"Bring Me Down" is on a Top 10 list of Kanye's personal Least Favorite Songs.

5000 man hours (:oblivious:) went into Power
dexy baby

Kayne is actually spelled Kanye

When Mr Hudson played Kanye "Anyone But Him", Kanye said 'stop stop stop the CD,' then went on to exclaim: 'I'm gonna pay you the biggest compliment I can, that's the kind of s--t I write' (laughs).'

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